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Friday, 16 July 2010

LATE Night with the girls.

Finally, it's the mid-semester break. Although I will only be relaxing and enjoying a-ONE WEEK holiday, still, a holiday must be fulfilled with lots of fun and rejuvenation. Am I right?

Last night, everyone was having their end wits finishing whatever laboratory reports and assignments before returning to home-sweet-home. I had this gathering with my housemates at Room D till we didn't notice it almost 1.00 a.m in the morning. It might be common to those hostelers, staying up chit chatting and laughing, but it was my first experience. It was a complete ladies night, where we talked about BOYS, about SHOPPING, about things that girls usually talk among themselves. I enjoyed the moment to the max :D  {a bit of a jacoon }

My apartment, consists of 8 rooms, which each equipped 2 tenants. I am in the room A, with my roommate name Aishah. She's so hardworking, and sometimes I feel bad for not being able to be as hardworking as she is. Her brothers and sisters are now well-being people, one of her brothers, graduated as a medical doctor, and one of her sister is currently a lecturer in Perlis. It is so amazing!

I am in group B1, and two housemates are in the same major group B, they are Huda who is in group B5 and Hajira who is in Group B4. So we usually share the same lecture class. I can mingle so well with Hajira, and I often hang out at her room for a nice break, talking, talking, and chatting for hours. Her roommate, Adibah is a very nice girl, and she never went out for a movie! Wow!

There is another girl named Shahira, who always come to our room, and asking what we are doing. She's friendly and open-minded, she's also very sexy oops..her roommate, is intelligent, and can be considered as daring, after hearing her side of the stories of having a fight with an indian lady and a pengkid. Haha!

One girl came from Johor, named Halimah is a korean-fanatic! Always with her korean songs whatsoever. She dreams of marrying one of the member is the TVSQ or DBSK boy band. She's gorgeous, fair, blind as wearing thick lens of glasses, and I like all her clothes! They are beautiful! 

Basically, the girls night was fun, although we end up sleeping late, and waking up late the next morning. Maybe all of us can go for a stroll or shopping or maybe a movie together in the future. Overall, I love my housemates!!

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