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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

When the backbone is missing

if only you could feel what I feel
Please my dear friends, I am begging !! Begging that you could at least PLAY your role in our work here in UiTM. Stop thinking about loitering around, dating around or playing around, BE SERIOUS PLEASE!! I am tired. I wish I can yell this word in front of you! But, I won't do that because I know, it's not appropriate. I wish you could, BEHAVE like a student, THINK more like a student, don't depend on me too much! make our work done, to make our work fulfilled and satisfying, please PLAY YOUR ROLE, CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING, CONTRIBUTE IDEAS and CONTRIBUTE USEFUL ADVICE. I hate when some of you keep waiting for me for ideas, keep waiting for me to tell you what to do, keep waiting for me to make things right. It disturbs me! I need friends who can BE TOGETHER, WHEN TIME IS HARSH AND WHEN TIME IS WONDERFUL. I need these friends to cherish the moment while we are studying here. Please, BE that kind of friends.

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