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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Tests here in UiTM

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Well, the tests I for Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry are now a history. Yay! But, there will be a nightmare as tomorrow, the fearsome test for Physics will be endured by the foundation in science's students. I guess I am done with the studying and revising, just wanting to relax for now, while searching for some information regarding my biology experiment. 

 My aim to get 30/30 for chemistry had now vanished thanks to my non-ending careless mistakes I always do. To be frank, mine was just 27.5 out of 30, which can be considered as typical as it will only contribute 9.2 marks for the final. I don't know for biology, since I knew I didn't perform my best on Saturday, during the test. Hmmm....

For this upcoming Physics, there will lots of questions regarding projectile motion and vectors I think. Vectors are so important right now, have to understand the cross and the dot product in every detail to master them very well. Once you misconception, you are wrong forever! 

Whatever it is, study...there's the only word I know for now, that always been flying around my head, no others. Allah is my companion for now, to give me strength and to allow me to do the best. In what ever event I am encountering or had encountered, there must be a silver lining....just have to be patient. 

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