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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

When a girl wanna download movies...

so here am I, spending precious time of the mid semester break to just, satisfy my passion for watching movies. Patience is a must while downloading, currently I am downloading, Toy Story 3. Save my allowances, but of course harm my new baby laptop. :( That's the saddest part. And yeah, going for a movie with my new friends, from UiTM, a horror movie. I need a real break ok? Books, sorry, I just have to keep you guys dusty for a while. Haha:) Even my teacher, Puan K told me, 

"DAYANA when its a holiday, you have to turn green. Stop thinking about workloads"

Yes, she's right. I have to pamper myself for this time round. :)

Thanks to brother Asfan Arc for teaching me how to download these movies, and thanks to for Azeem and Hafzan Azin. You guys are such wonderful brothers. :)

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