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Friday, 17 September 2010

Hypocritically Smile

Notes: I really do not know whether the word Hypocritically does exist in the proper grammar, Tapi ape aku kisah!

My parents organized an open house. Yes, Buka Rumah seluas-luasnya for people around the neighborhood and relatives to come, and to eat like they never eat before. Note again that it was my parent's event and not mine. Thus, I did not invite any of my acquaintances to come by because...of several reasons.

Because, I had chores to do, washing the plates and all the things here. I told them to use plastic or polisterine cups and plates, but they ignore, so I was happened to be the servant for a day. Because, I am still mourning over late Chiam. I realized how ignorant I was, for not inviting her for Hari Raya here in at my place. I never did, and I regret it like crazy. She was my friend, the best one, and she's gone.Of course, I am unhappy. I wanted to invite others like huda, aina, nina, friends from school that I feel comfy to be with, but then again ....erk I just don't feel right to have people at this moment. Just now in present.

Many relatives that I met, or came over, merely asked the same thing. The thing about Russia, about the plan to go there for medic. Why oh why must I encounter this over and over. I almost succeed to have love towards UiTM and then this struck me like a lightning burning all over my body. Hurts so much. Adding to the pain, hearing those boastful stories about UIA, just like killing me seriously!! Yes, I study at Puncak Alam, if you do not know where is it, JUST GOOGLE IT !

When they ask like that, I smiled. When they ask, is it fun to study at Puncak Alam, I said, YES and grinned happily like a hypocrite. Being away from that place really sooth my mind. I just do not want to think more about the place. hahaha:) Bila hati dah tak suke, sampai bile2 pun takkan suke. Nak buat camne?

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