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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mana nak mula ye?

My previous post about the long snippet was too small to be read. Sorry, I plagiarise it from some blog I found. Just save the snippet onto your computer, and try enlarge it with Paint or anything that works. Hahaha.

A month is now up for the semester holidays. I also did some test drive with my manual BMW Kancil, since I need to get back to driving school for my P license. Hope I can pass the JPJ test soon. I am dying to drive, and sooo jealous looking at others who already can drive.

Cut short, today the students of foundation centre of UiTM, got to know their results for the semester 1. Everyone was terrified and so was I. The results only appear in the portal website at 5 p.m, so yeah, waited since morning to just know what we get. But, I was not that, eager to know, and I also don't have that feeling of anxious. Only God Knows why.

Soon, after having mcD for lunch, and yeah I have this funny story about dad using the drive thru, but nevermind, and after watching Ugly Betty and Dr House and got bored by them, five o'clock strikes the clock. But, I knew the traffic would be bad for the site, so I didn't take a look at mine, plus, the Internet line was always.

After an hour passed by, and the line was quite okay...I made it through...Jeng jeng jeng....takut meh. The page appeared on the screen, and I saw, the four subjects were 4.00...until, ONE SUBJECT ruinned it all. It was the bloody mathematics. Preparatory Mathematics I was the toughest ever. I mean, after Physics, but I got a B- for it instead of getting at least an A to attain a heaven 4.00 as average. Shoot my head off right away! It was all bloody.

It was damn frustrated to see how ONE THING can be so disappointing, how one thing can be such a killer for the whole spirit I've been working on for years. So yeah, as a girl who almost gives up, and who might already giving up, she cried, badly. Maths was super tough, even though it was just 5 questions to be answered for 3 hours. Now I know how super excellent the seniors who got a 4.00 were in the old days.

Mom then coaxed me, so did daddy. Daddy was quite, because he knew I've tried hard and still didn't manage to get it all rainbows and raining candies. Mom said, maybe it's time for me to work harder, and perhaps rethink of wanting to pursue medicine. T.T I was like what the? After the head crash, and the heart stabbing moment, she wanting me to rethink, to actually kill the dream I've been engraved deep down inside? What the??? It's so hurtful for her to do that.

Whatever, I think I have cried enough. Time to repent for what ever sinful things I ever did that made things this way. And for those who kept bothering to call me and texting, who are you to bother me, and who are you to know everything I don't want to tell. Get a life. I got 3.56 only. Happy with that? T.T


fawz@n said...

no matter what your exam results is,wallahi i always believe that you'll make a very fantastic doctor!
dont give up, your best in the next sem ok?
go go dayana!

dayanaazhar:) said...

thanks fawzan. and congratulation for that great result. A+ chemistry? Wow. You're awesome. and yes, you would be great too:)