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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Silap dan Khilaf.

Maybe I have been too dramatic upon the sad news of my result. Whatever. Bygones let them be bygones. No matter how bloody I cried, or how I will get blind after so much crying, the result is still the same. Like mama said, try again try again. Sure I can, right?

Been forgetting about the presence of God lately due to over furious about things that happened. Supposedly I feel happy because God puts me in this occurence so that I be more thankful and tawadukk. This is small matter of course. I repented for the actions and repented for what I did say. I am a fool to let the devils' whispers to engulf in my heart. 

After reading the blog by saifulislam, I finally realised that God has always been with us. But, as the time flew and the humans grow in population and modernity and globalisation appears, we tend to not live because of God. We have religion but we don't know God. Perhaps, we often pray, 5 times a day, recite Al Quran, perform Hajj, perform zakat and all, but that in turn becomes just rituals. We forgot where is God, what is God, and who's the creator.

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