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Thursday, 10 February 2011

countdown end of asasi

Macam lame jer tajuk ahahaha. Like always, my first paragraph will sound like this: It's feels so fast and only like yesterday we met at Puncak Alam as foundation students. Lol. Deep down inside, I must admit that the feeling of sad is there, leaving behind new friends who turned out into best friends. But before bursting for tears, let's chillax and continue to study madly for upcoming test 2 and the finale.

"Lagi tiga minggu je lagi, Dayana"....said Christyne, my lovely Sabah new girlfriend. "Tiga minggu...? What do you mean?"...I asked, a bit of a slowpoke to catchup what she meant. "Lagi tiga minggu bersama kawan-kawan awak laaa" said Chrystine. 

Yeahh...on second thought, it is gonna be another three weeks here. Three weeks is not that long. Less than a month, but, when can I have the last time to enjoy to the maxx with my friends here. You see, in 3 months, there are lotsa things to do. Sometimes, I reflex myself and see others. Most of the students here can easily go out, here and there, not doing tutorials but still manage to somehow gain something. I on the other hand, who did seriously nothing called FUN, and all I did was merely sitting down burning my chair studying like crap, still earned nothing that I can jot as satisfaction. I am just lowerly average. Why is that?

Maybe because I seriously do not know how to manage my time. I am not wise in managing things and that's why I don't wanna be a business figure. Lol. Last time, I thought Reproduction was the last chapter of Biology, but again I was wrong. Two more chapters: Nervous System And Genetic on the way, I already feel like fainting. 5 more chapter for Physics is damn scary. Imagine, I am still stuck at chapter 26 on the Kirchoff's rule (sorry if most readers here do not know what this is), and how am I gonna keep on track another 5 chapters! I am gonna be lunatic. Last chapter of mathematics is Probability Distribution which is sooo confusing. I never enjoyed doing probability and tree diagrams T___T. Chemistry is okay I guess, but gotta this assignment to be submitted by Monday, and have not start any yet. DUSSHHHH! 4 subjects but they feels soo heavy:(

Sometimes, when I feel a bit of a mess up like NOW, all I am thinking of is to go home and see mummy and daddy. I am childish, and I don't feel rejunevating to study here, because God Knows why. Seeing my roommate non-sleep doing her massive studying is like giving me nothing but annoyed. I am just annoyed seeing others studying so bad, without effort to take care of herself. I am not a fan of studying hard and looked pathetic. It gives me a sense of hatred out of nowhere. But, if she did score more than I did, a congratulation will she hears from me. And I do think she will. ;-(

Yesterday, even though campus hours ended earlier than any other days, I didn't even have the effort to at least go back to room and continue revising like any other good students will do. Instead, I went watching Black Swan again with my comrades but too bad the sound was bad, so we stopped it in the middle, and continue watching a ghost story. Watching a korean ghost story, with lame subtitles is damn crazy. Most of the way, we made assumptions on what happened. The ghost story wasn't that scary at ALL by the way, it happened to funny instead. Posting in Facebook, that I have a headache watching the ghost story and then I got this comment by Prof Ahmad saying: 

"Reading Giancoli, won't give you a headache!" FRIGHTENS me. 

It's like he knows that I already wasted my time lol. But whatever. 

>>>p/s: I hate feeling hungry at Puncak Alam because I seriously do not know what to eat<<<


Ikhwan Addin said...

oh, saya nampak degree depan saya. =|

Calvin Charles said...

Pity you, Dayana...... All the best!