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Friday, 4 March 2011

And Lecture Week Ends 4th March 2011

One more date became a history. A history of being 18 and 19. Semester 2 had just bid the rest of the science's foundation student a farewell. Ended with mathematics lecture, with dear Pn Khadijah, who is seriously funny and entertaining. Praise to Allah for giving me the chance to have her as my math lecturer:)

I wanna say that, I have to really struggle despite having this body and soul of laziness. It's because next week, and may I repeat it, NEXT WEEK, gonna be the finale examination. It will be the final battle between me and the foundation students, to excel so that the degree we wish to pursue is in the hand. Meaning, study week must be really occupied with studies and no more termenung sana-sini and seriously have to stop overthinking.

Yesterday, class ended with dear Prof Ahmad, giving us hints of what may come out for the finale. I was a bit frustrated to know that Kirchoff's questions won't be asked, because I had master it, and now there's no chance for answering at least one question I know. What is ability? Ability is continue doing what you CAN do and do not interfere with what you CANNOT DO. Like, he always said, abandoned the things that you don't know, and that's Physics.

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