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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ups and Downs: Bare it if you are a human being

Teruknya diri ini. sometimes, it took a great fall, to know where you stand, and that's the best quote ever made by any humans. And as for me, I now know where I stand. Somewhere far behind, than the usual me, the original me. I miss the old me. But what to do, everything is a past, and should never be regretted. Any mistakes I've done, the one to be blamed, is none other but myself.

Seeing my friends walking in a herd, and walking either lagging them or leading them, I somehow, ponder what am I with them? Just a mere friend, or a super friend. I can't make jokes and I don't know how to act superb. But, I seriously enjoy every moment hanging out with them. Thanks for caring, and loving and annoying me. Those I appreciate a lot.

Final gonna be next week, starting off with mathematics. Punctuality is a must now, since the exam hall, has somehow far away from the current one. And, lecture week is gonna end this week. Got the marks for chemistry. I flunk badly. I sick of showing my teardrops because in the end, they are mere water that comes out and have no benefits on me. I prefer to keep them save inside my tearducts and when I return home this weekend, I shall burst it all out, in a room where there's no one, except for me, and God Almighty.

Majority of the people in class wanna have a re-TEST on chemistry. Will be held this friday, involving all chapters since the beginning of asasi semester 2. I somehow, feel like wanting to try out luck without studying because even when I did, it does not benefits me. My brain has no longer capable to memorize things well like before. I changed and sorry mom and dad, I couldn't be the person you expect me to be. Period.

And when people asked on what I am going to do for degree, I barely have no more answer and no more dreams. Seen all those links of medical associates on the right? Basically, I wish to be like them someday, but that's like wishing to be richer than Saudi Arabia's princes. I once told my friend, I am gonna take TESL. LOL. 

The most important part now is too finish every thing off and let's things driven by it's speed as how they should go. Is my english to hard to be read? Have hard time to understand every words I put in words? Well, don't read it then. It's not intriguing anyway. 

>>>p/s: for some reason I miss Ammar Nina and Aida Nabila. We were three muskeeteers and I certainly had fun time with them.I also miss ruskee class:(<<<

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