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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cooking? I'll be good in no time.

Some girls learn cooking with their mother, sister and granny, but I am pretty lucky to be learning how with my father, since he has been so free in the house. To not fret, my father is a great cook and there's absolutely no problem to be learning that with him. Jealous tak?

Been three days cooking dinner with him. But, only the first day's try-out was carved in picture. Yesterday's menu and the day before yesterday, were quickly eaten by an hungry monster (me) before it could be photographed. So, first try out were ayam masak merah and yellow spinach curry (gulai bayam) T.T (nak jugak tulis dalam English)

There you go. How was it? Ada chance tak nak jadi isteri mithali? Well, it looked rather not-very appetizing, but seriously they tasted like heaven, hehehe. And, that's what an unemployed person like me would do at home. Today's plan gonna be fish curry and some ulam-ulaman, comprising of jantung pisang, although I hate it like hell, my dad advised me that it's good for avoiding aging. Whatever la. 

Cooking isn't so complex after all. I am sure to be better in no time. 


fawz@n said...'s amazing when u stated that u learn from ur dad.

dayanaazhar:) said...

it is amazing

Calvin Charles said...

ceh, my father is also a great cook... LOL!!! I leanrt all of the basics things like slice the chicken and the sayur-mayur, hehhehe.... I wanna dare you to compete cooking curry, amacam ade berani tak??? *matila statement tak boleh blah......

dayanaazhar:) said...

eh I selalu berani. tengok u berani ke tak. nak dare yer? bring it on

faisal said...

wow..hebat.. post la untuk sy juge makkk..

Calvin Charles said...

ahahahhahah..... miss u my friends... semua sudah jadi kenangan...