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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Once there's a boy..

Never ever look down on anybody. That's something that we should always remember. Sometimes expectations came out surprising and yes they always do. This is a story, well not REALLY a story, about my cousin who just got his SPM result today.

Taufiq is his name. He lost his dad (my pakngah) when he was just 8, but he grew up to be so strong and independent. I barely had any current photos with him because he studied so far away there in Terengganu.  But we were always together as a child. I mean, I am just a year older than him, and he is just a year older than my little brother, so Mak Ngah would always sent him to our house for him to play while she off to work. 

He has one older sister and one older brother, whom I myself called them Kak Dee and Abang I respectively. They aged by many years compared to Taufiq, and have always been advising him these and thats and everything he does in his life, they would never miss to lecture. Somehow, sometimes, they kinda look down on Taufiq, since he would spent most of his times playing the computer games and such. However, despite his laziness to touch books so often like this pathetic author of this blog, he excelled so much in his SPM today. Well, I still remember how he would finish his maths without even using a calculator though. He is awesome.

Mak Ngah texts my father this afternoon, informing us about Taufiq's victory in SPM. He has done so well and that's a proud in my family. Soon, he would probably find his way overseas doing the environmental engineering like he told me during one of my cousin's wedding. I hope he would get that opportunity because he deserved it so well, he had the ideas, the vision and passion for it. Goodluck:) 

-simply a message for you and me. Don't even judge anybody from his or her past. And never look down on people. Because this life is full of surprises-

>>>p/s: Well today making me reminisce about Chiam again. Why should I bother thinking about someone who had gone forever?<<<

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