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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Korean can make better comedies

Eh have been at home and goyang kaki for 4 days now. It is not fun, not amazing, just bring this good feeling of comfort. I love comfort more than anything else in this world. So, I can smile wide without regret.

High Kick Through The Roof is the 'business' I am busy with lately. What is that you may ask? Well, basically, it's a Korean sitcom evolved around a beautiful teenage lady named Se Kyung and her sister, Shin Ae who lived-in a rich grandpa house who likes to fart around. This is more like a friendly family sitcom, and it has about 100 episodes, and just reached the 60th. 

No one could stop laughing watching this one. I myself, watched it alone and laughed at it alone during the boring days at Puncak Alam, after exam ended. It was fun and it can be very distracted. How can you not laugh when seeing an old Grandpa farts every time he walks? How could you not laugh after seeing how the grandpa at age 70++ could ditch on dating like teenagers? Plus, in the rich grandpa's house, there are the grandpa's daughter who likes kicking people around, because she was good in Taekwondo. She wakes her son up by kicking him and once brought to the minister of education for kicking one of her student at the private part lol. 

The grandpa's son-in-law can't be any funnier. He is a handsome man, and has a lot of charisma from the appearance, noted as the Vice President for the family's business, but then could not even calculate 3 digits number? He didn't even know to differ between 8pm and 1800 pm, thus making a restaurant reservation for a client wrong. Then, comes the grandpa's girlfriend who happened to be the vice principal at this one school where the grandpa's daughter is working. She is noted as the pervert granny because of her habit pinching the boys' nipples in the school. Hahaha and lotsa more to cover in this such funny sitcom. 

Well see it for yourself at

>>>p/s: I can't believe I have this korean syndrome back. Oh this ain't good aint good at all:(<<<

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