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Monday, 21 March 2011

The odd feelings

Assalamualaikum. As I am posting this down, I am already at home for 2 days by now. But this feel odd, real odd. Something ain't right, something ain't good, and too clueless to figure it out.

19th March 2010- The historic date of my life, whereby I actually ended my life as UiTM Puncak Alam's student. Asasi or foundation ended, just moved to a complete full stop by 11 am. To cut it clear, it has not even been a complete 365 days living on the peak of the jungle and it seemed so short somehow or rather. Alah dayana, mengaku je! You are actually sad to leave that place! Kan kan kan???

On 19th March itself, it didn't feel THIS SAD. I admit that I rushed to go home, seriously called my mom the night before, asking her to come pick me up early so that won't be stuck in the traffic. Silly me. Where got traffic jam on Saturday, lol. But, that's was my BEST reason, to go home as quick as lightning. Clearance was scheduled by 9 am that morning. Every bit of my things were piled in the apartment's living room. So did my housemates' things. We were just ready to get back home. 

Felt the last refreshing moment stepping down the deathly stairs steps, hurrying down to go to FF2, somehow quite far from the peak of the hill. It was an excitement to have the last memory of stepping down on the steps. Reached the FF2, the place where tutorials will always be conducted. Feeling the joy taking the lift for the last time, and catching up with the Puncak Alam introductory ad in the lift for the last time. It was making me hard to even swallow my saliva down the throat, feeling of this sadness that could not been described. 

Munsyi was the last test to be accomplished. 300 questions were answered without a problem. And WHOOSH, it's eleven.....a mark for the end of asasi life. Right after we were told that we can go out from the hall, I quickly hugged each and every classmates who were close to me. Hugged Sara twiced, and hugged Christyne, who is sooo helpful during Chem Lab. Dina, my 1st asasian friend that I met, grabbed me by chance outside the hall, and we squeezed each other a farewell cuddle. It was nice:) The Kedah's Korean fans, and the Sweet Kelantanese girls, all of them are superbs and got one nice warm hug from me. hehehe. Thanks to everybody:) They have been nice. 

One person I didn't get the chance to bid goodbye was my roommate. Well, never find a way to be closer and to mingle with her. It was hard because I am a fool in someways. I hope she's doing fine where ever she are now. And to my dear ROOM D's housemates, Hajira and Adibah, you two were awesomers. Sorry for the late night bothering, just to get some good friendly chats. Thanks for all the stupid non-stop laughter we end up for. They were good. Ira and Adib from Room C were remarkable, fun in their own way. Room B's Huda and Ema were two shiny jewels. You too are babies in the house, yet so kind and fun. Haahaa. Tapi pelikkan?? I haven't got any of their photos with me. Feel so dumb right now.

Perhaps leaving Puncak Alam early was not a good idea. But it just happened to be that way. It was hectic that day whereby the lift were overloaded every single time. I used the lift 5 times just to take my things down to the car. Fuh it was tiring. And, it was so in a rush, thus so many things were undone....T.T. Now, I just lean back and reminisce of the good moments I had there. The wonderful five star lecturers, the young amazing tutors, the chill tutorial rooms, the sometimes hot-sometimes chill lecture halls, the every-day crowded cafe at the campus, the so-not-amazing Pendeta Restaurant, the nice view from the room's window,  the everyday-same-menu Rafflesia, the so-small-irritating minimart, the relaxing beautiful suraus, the informative Islamic lectures at Musolah Angsana, the amazing laboratories, the offices, the library, and the padang kawad, plus soo many places I have stepped on, keep on rewinding in this brain. Wish it could stop, because it brings me tears. Tears of the odd feelings. -the end-

>>>p/s: eh lupa nak mention about one guy named Calvin. Well, thanks Calv, for being a very nice friend, even though I sometimes treat you like trash. I am sometimes dumb and harsh, please forgive me? hehehe. And, one thing tetap tak puas hati. My UiTM album ain't complete! Dush!<<<

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