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Thursday, 21 April 2011


One of my favourite blogger is Obefiend. The owner of the Blog Serius and also FOA. I think he has senses in his post although sometimes it can be quite bothering and mostly they are for 18 above, literally.

But just a minute ago, he FAILED to give a proper title for his new post on an AMAZING HOTEL called Wonderlust in Singapore. He mistakenly posted it as FUNKY HOSPITAL. And I was the first to comment and notice, and so that's basically what happened. Everybody makes mistake. And he was good enough to admit it. :)

I was eagerly excited to know....curious as a cat. >.< hospital? ye ke? 

it was actually hotel, but he admitted his failure. :)

1 comment:

Qubezo said...

Salam. For your information Obefiend is known to be dyslexia. That's why if you notice he occasionally makes mistakes with his spelling. Anyways, happy trolling him hahah!