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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


One day I listened to one tazkirah on TV9. The Ustaz mentioned that 'forgetful' is one man's behavior to survive and it's good in certain condition. Example would be like if during death. Have you ever imagined what would happen if humans are not gifted with the sense of forgetful? He or she would probably be in mourn for days over the demise of his or her beloved person, which would lead to other psychological sickness. Thus, being forgetful has its own advantage.

There is also one story narrated back from the Rasulullullah S.A.W time, whereby there's a woman, whose love for Rasulullah S.A.W was at the very peak, thus even she faced with the death of her relatives during war, she said, the challenge and sadness is small after she had seen Rasulullah S.A.W in a good condition. Her love makes her forgets.

But, I was shocked when there're certain people who easily forgets us although once upon a time, I mean not once upon a time, even though JUST LAST YEAR, we were families. I am talking about my agents, who happened to have consoled as my 'uncle and auntie'-they who helped me during my dream on going to Russia. They were nice persons. They would listen to our problems and all-but then again I guess that's how business runs.

So, early this week I made a call reaching them. The auntie answered and asked who was on the line. I told her, HEY IT'S ME...DAYANA. But I guess I am the one who have been so overjoyed to call them. The auntie didn't recognized me. And added to the dismay, she asked, which Dayana was it? She has my number before, but why did she asked me who I was on the phone?

HAHA. I was shocked when this actually happened. We were like family only a year ago, and now??? Easily forgets. Frustrates me a bit, but who cares. 


shaera said...

salam dayana,
psst, husnul dzon, who knows, hp dia hilang, then, all contacts pun hilang :)

dh baca ur previous entries, sy faham perasaan bila kita tak dpt apa yg kte nak, la tahzan, innallaha ma'ana :)

dayanaazhar:) said...

thanks shaera....

yeah, I lack these sort of things in myself. laa husnulzon and such. thanks for the reminder.