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Friday, 22 July 2011

Harry Pothead Vs Hanna

Macam takde kerja je post on this matter. But I never imagined how my statement in Facebook could results in some rage within Harry Pothead's fans. I am amazed and impressed for their love towards Harry Pothead.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part II where IT ALL ENDS, was amazing. Even though I somehow skipped some of its movies, the last two before this one, and stopped reading the books since Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets because my friends kept stealing them, I still CAPABLE to understand what It All Ends trying to tell the world.

Fred Weasley died was a despair. I almost cried because of it since I saw how Ron mourned over his brother. Even for Selverus Snape, it was such a disappointment to see him died. Overall the movie was the best for the year, and up till the moment I went back home after watching it. 

However, after watching Hanna today, it seems like Harry Potter was a more expected kinda movie, compared to Hanna, which contained a lot of unexpected and nerve-wrecking scenes. 'I miss your heart' and BANG-Hanna shot the ox right on the heart, and so the ox died- This was the opening scene. Seriously, we tried to think who is this girl. So brave, living like an eskimo in the middle of snowy nowhere. 

In that snowy-forest, Hanna a girl, a young one, just enter adolescence, was trained by a man named Eric, who she thought was her biological father. Apparently, Eric was a secret agent, macam CIA, FBI whatever elses that exists in this world. So Eric was damn good in martial arts, and stuff involving kicking people and make people no longer lives in a cruel way- or in other word- a killer. 

Hanna, even though was still young, had an amazing muscle strength, boleh siat lembu pakai tangan je weh :P And she can also speak in several languages including Arabic, remember many scientific, and medical terms. The one I remembered was on kissing- involving 30 muscles-including the osbicularis oris. LOL. 

But Hanna was also run after by this one woman called Marissa, an agent too. Well, basically, Hanna is one of many mutant babies, who was 'created' in a lab/in an association, whereby they wanna make a good soldiers for the future. So, genuinely, they took many fertilized eggs/embryos and improvised them in terms of muscle strength, power and reduce the senses of pity and scared. But one fine day, this agent called Marissa, closed this project and thus she tried to kill all these mutant babies. And Hanna, was taken away by Eric, which I don't know why? Maybe because he pitied that little girl or something, and Hanna's mother, died, as she was shot by Marissa.

So, mostly the plot was about, Hanna running away from the CIA/FBI dungent, and she escaped through the Morroco borderline, where she learnt more about life-knows electricity and stuff. In the end, she killed Marissa. The end. LOL. I hate reviewing, because there's so much to be summarized. Seriously, this one is worth a watch. Paying RM10 is not a waste after all.

EM...I will certainly give 8 out of 10 for the movie Hanna. And for HP7 perhaps 7.9 out of 10. HAHAHAHHAXD

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