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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Insidious T.T

After so many months, I finally could watch this 'Ever Wanting To Watch Horror Movie'. Insidious is not just any horror movie, and it is just 100 times better than any local hantu pocong or pontianak and sorts. 

Insidious is also a new word which I must add into my vocabulary. It is defined as : harmful or proceeding in a dangerous way. And as the story goes, it certainly INSIDIOUSLY FRIGHTEN THE HECK OUT OF ME. 

The movie was smooth. It revolves around a family of five, who just moved in into a beautiful house. In the family, there're 3 little kids, and the eldest would be the one who is on focus. He is Dalton. A very cute little boy who loves discovering things in his new home. While his mom and dad were both busy with their own things, he would went to the attic and play like any other kids of the same age. 

One fine day, Dalton who was playing in the attic saw something strange and thus tried to catch the thing. He climbed on this wood ladder and it broke. Dalton fell and knocked his forehead. He then cried for his mommy and daddy who was downstairs. They ran up to get him and he just had a bruises on the forehead, no serious injury. They tucked their son in bed and wished good night.

The next morning, Dalton didn't wake up. His dad, was worried sick. Brought to the hospital whereby doctor diagnosed that he is in coma but bizarrely he has no signs of serious head injury or blood clot or whatsoever. To let him stay in the hospital would be in vain, so he was brought back home.

After that, strange things keep happening. The pity one should be the mother of these kids, who keep listening to voices and whispering. And one night, their little baby daughter cried. The mother saw one entity in black, and she screamed. The father then went downstairs, and found out the door was unlocked. 

They moved out again after many scary nights. But the similar things keep happening. The mother would see this 'ghost' hopping around and dancing in their house. Even Dalton's grandmother saw one black entity standing beside Dalton in his room. A satan that have been wanting Dalton's body.

Well, after that we would know what the heck was actually occurring in Dalton's body. There's this kinda of ghost expert called Elise who explained that Dalton was experiencing Astral Projection or in other words, he is sleeping, physically, but spiritually, he is travelling to another dimension, a dimension of the dead. 0.O...

Then came the twist, whereby, the similar thing had also happened in Dalton's father. When he was a child, there's also this ghost who kept appearing in his photos, so since then, Dalton's father would never had photos of himself. He also experienced astral projection and stuff, so his son, Dalton seemed to be inheriting that capability. The only way to save Dalton and bring him back would be sending his own father to travel to that ghost dimension through hypnotize.

And so, yes, Dalton's father or Josh, went to the ghost world, whereby he was actually in his own previous house but with the ancient occupants. They were the dead. He found Dalton in some sort of a dungent, which look like artificial hell. While trying to return to the real world, guided by the voice of his wife, he saw the same ghost that haunted him when he was a child. An old woman in black. He kept telling the ghost to go away and it seemed like he made it, but the end of the story was unexpected.

His soul and Dalton's were successfully returned. Everyone was so happy including me. But, when Elise, the ghost expert saw Josh's hands, she suspected something wrong. It was not Josh's hand, but was pale and wrinkled. She quickly grabbed the paranormal camera, and SNAP. When she looked at the LCD, she knew she was right. It was not Josh, but the old woman ghost. The ghost strangled Elise to death. Josh's wife came to see what had happened as she heard screaming, but she was too late. Elise was dead, and what she saw in front her was not Josh, but the old woman ghost. WAAA...

To feel more scared sensation watch it yourself. Macam cerita kartun je aku nyer review. LOL

>>P/S: what a sad ending and also a very nerve wrecking ending. the dad had to sacrifice for his kid. but still don't know why the ghost of the old woman tried to search for him<<<

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