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Monday, 25 July 2011

To Leave

To leave precious people behind and explore the world independently is my next mission, insyaAllah. Unfortunately, the feeling of wanting to be at home surrounds me most of the time. Could I do this?

I have the least experience of being independent. Since I was born. parents have been supporting me up and down and been there for me when I need them. I must be really stupid at the age of 16 whereby I frankly told my mom I don't need her to be with me all the time. Now, at the age of 19, I want her to be beside me no matter what. I am a spoil brat after all.

I guess right now, at this moment, is the best I have achieved. Thanks Allah for all these happiness and joy that I have been dwelling in. 

And, yes, after so many months waiting for the answer, where should we go to pursue our degree, the answers are finally here. My friends in Asasi have been praying to be within each other at close distance. 
"Doa eh supaya kita dapat Uni dekat" 

and they said that thing over and over again everytime we bid each other farewell. But Allah knows best.

Asasi UiTM would be my amazing Alma Mater. I sort of grew in that place even though I bloody despised it at first. I was a fool during that time when crying out loud, hesitating not to accept the offer. Luckily, dad and mom persuaded me, one day the three of us went to sight seeing the campus. It was new, it was also a bit silent since it was less occupied compared to what it would be like now.  I then found some other friends who would attend the same course, so I fake a smile on my face and click yes to the offer.

Guess Allah has certainly destined the best place for me to kick start my studies. I am blessed with friends, and these amazing girls who keep me strong and rigid as well as providing never ending laughter. We rarely go to classes together because of we stayed in different blocks, but in classes, we never did separate. Macam belangkas although it had just been less than a year studying under one roof.

Firstly, I am so thankful that I have Calvin. A good friend to talk and to listen to my problems and I must admit he is the first male friend at UiTM whom I always feel comfortable to talk eye-to-eye. He was there when Chiam died. And he can sensed the despair of loosing a good friend. He will be studying in UiTM Sabah, and will miss him a lot. My first friend ever from Asasi would be dear Dina Azureen. One of many class clowns, and everyone could laugh or smile for her, even when she starts to speak. Glad to have meet her and reunite again on the recent 21st July 2011. She will be flying to Bandung, Indonesia, pursuing medicine at Uni Padjajaran twinning with UKM. Such an amazing opportunity and I am absolutely positive she would be one great kind and lovable doctor just like the one in Patch Adam. Seeing her smiles would already bring calamity in myself. Hehhee.

After Dina, I would say my other friends would be Azneeza, Azyan Amani and Syikin. Three muskeeteers of beauty. Simply love them. Azneeza and Azyan would pursue dentistry after this. Azneeza will be heading to UiTM Shah Alam (USA) and Azyan will be boarding off to Alexandria, Egypt. On the other hand, Syikin would be leaving to Sarawak, to study at UniMAS. What I love best about Azneeza is that she's the most relax person I ever encountered, yet she is always consistent with her studies. Then, she's so cute and funny too. I should thank her a lot for her Canon DSLR that cause our pictures during reunion 21st July looks totally amazing heheehe and the most important thing, made all of us looks beautiful. (Perasan Lebih)

About Azyan Amani, just don't mention: She is the strongest and coolest person I know. Love her cheeks and I am puzzled why she doesn't like them :(. She looks amazing with those cheek bones, seriously. Very humble and kind. I simply loves her voice and adore her for her alertness in small details, especially during laboratories in Asasi. Syikin, by the way, is so simple yet adorable. She's the best person I have in Asasi to blabber on Gossip Girls and to talk on new movies and new video clips. We certainly miss the moments hanging around in her room on every Wednesday to catch up with horror movies. I miss screaming aloud like crazy. Hahaha. 

Not to forget, I will forever miss my class representative: Her name is Eliza :) Simply a loud person I ever know. And the most confident person among these girls. She's strict and focus. I like her because she's sooo sarcastic but at the same time, her sarcasms didn't hurt at ALL. She will be heading to UniMAP to further her studies. And thanks for joining us on that very day of 21st July:) 

Dina Syafiqah or Dinas is another person I shall mention about. She is an amazing planner and manager, seriously. She deals with all the prospects for our vacation to Sabah merely on her own at first, and certainly she did a great job. A big crowd of applause should be giving to her. Sometimes she would be a bit moody, but she is fun to be with. I have a great time managing our hotels and trips at Sabah with her. ehehhe. Even though, I didn't help much, but she never nagged. Thanks Dinas for being so patient. And goodluck at UKM, and I know it will be a good place to start a new life for our future:)

They are great people and they are my friends. So lucky to be part of them. Special in their own ways and now we are even going to embark into another journey of life. I will miss their voices, their jokes, their sarcasms, the way they look like when they were eating, when they were sulking, when they were mad, when they were extremely happy, when they were sad and all those stupid things we did together. I had a lot of fun this year alone, and I should credit them BIG for this. 

>>p/s: crying while typing this literally :'(<<

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