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Friday, 15 July 2011

UPU hates me

Wait. I thought I was strong. Ternyata tidak.

Today supposed to be the day of our future. Of the first step of our future. 

But guess what, I was back fired. Dayana Azhar, see what you've done. I told you not to be overjoyed.

Sorry Huda Razak. I am not strong enough to face this fact yet. Thus, I am not going to gathering tomorrow. Call me selfish and call me weak. I guess I am both.

Life has been bad, it has been a round ball and a tyre. Only a month ago, I saw light. Now I see darkness. Thank you life. Thank you for all the wavy journey. 

Or maybe it is because the definition of my name that made it this far. My name means 'THE STRONGEST'. I like it. And you can laugh, it didn't bother. Maybe because of this name, Allah put me this way. 

Now, due to this dimness, I must seek for light. I must write a pledge letter begging, kneeling for a place for medicine. I hate this. I bloody hate this. I hate to curse. But they are coming out, oozing out any seconds now. 

But seriously, reciting the HOLY QURAN heals the sadness. I was crying madly after seeing the results. And what not to know my classmate got UiTM and I didn't meanwhile I was a PRE-MED student. This is sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. So sad. 

Suddenly, I found a temporary peace. Tears started to slow down and all the feelings I have now is insecurities. 

I have a very bad luck dear readers. And you know who pity me? Allah. And He's the only friend I have.


nisa' said...

Dayana, bkn awak sorang je yg x dpt ape yg kamu nak,kt pn x dpt.....tapi mari kt sama2 fikir,sampai bila kt nk sedih? Sampai bila kt nak menyalahkan takdir ini, ini seolah2 kt x reda dgn ketentuan ALLAH Dayana Azhar, saya nak awak bangun. Bangun supaya halangan sekarang ini tidak akan mengugat sedikit pn cita2 kamu selamanya...Kuat n tabahkn diri dayana....kawan2 dgn family km sentiasa support kamu....Sesungguhnya ALLAH lebih menyayangi hamba2 nya yang kuat daripada yang lemah.....

Flazhar said...

kenapa ni? :(