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Saturday, 27 August 2011

About kad raya and miscellaneous

What is kad raya? Or better called Aidilfitri cards? Well, they are as simple as greeting cards with some notes on 'Hi, Selamat Hari Raya awak...saya sayang awak' and some forgiving words like 'I susun jari nak minta ampun kat you....kalau ada salah silap' and many other versions of them.

Anyhow, I am frankly jealous of those who got kad raya this year. I mean even till last year I still received one. And no longer this year I supposed. Yeah, a non-popular person like me who would ever wanna send any. Only I am the one eager to send those to people I somehow barely know.

Nevermind Dayana. Tak penting pun kad raya...the most important thing is blessing for Allah for the thoughts you have been giving to those you remember. But still, I still feel sad for not getting any. I blame twitter and facebook for arousing jealousy :P

Miscellaneous will be on the fact that one day I wrote to Maryam, a friend of mine, to give her some rambutan, as a gift since my cousins gave one basket of rambutan. Sadly, after several days, I saw the basket almost empty. My sister is a rambutan monster and I forgot that. So she basically ate most of them. Thus, I have nothing to give to Maryam, but I didn't tell her yet. In return, I wanna make kuih raya instead. Cornflakes madu that is. How lame am I?

Also, I've been procrastinating on 50 % of my packing. I just have so many things to bring with me. And the most idiotic thing I did was buying a packet of BOH tea, even though I knew India has more lotsa tea than here. What a stupid person eh?

Plus, going to TESCO for the last time just now. Perhaps will only be coming to TESCO next year, insyaAllah. TESCO is my most frequent supermarket I've been too and I like most of its products, like tissue paper and Women toiletries. 

Still, I forgot to buy some other stuff to pack in my luggage. ZZZZZ.....Why laaa 

>>p/s: My papa said to me during Iftar just now: LAGI 2 MINGGU, and less, You will be eating at the same dining table, dena. And he turned my mood to all moody. Thanks dad -.-''<<<<


ARC™ said...

dont forget maggi! Students best friends hahahhaa

dayanaazhar:) said...

yeahhh maggie. setakat ni dua packet je adoi lupa nak beli smalam :(( hahaha thankss!!