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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vision Aidilfitri 1432H

Assalamualaikum and Salam Merdeka Raya to all those who kind enough to open my blog. 

Ramadhan for this year is going to end tomorrow. Can you guys believe it? Of course, AlhamduLILLAH for Allah the Almighty for giving us the chance to feel the presence of this blessed month up till now. Let's us all pray that we can meet again for the next ramadhan and the upcoming ones in years to come. I am also eager to see how my blog entry will mature in those years in the future. It's not good to post things over and over without a immense change. Because to be a blogger is easy, everyone can be a blogger, but to be a blogger who can contribute to society and to Islam most importantly, is not easy. I learn this from Hilal Asyraf after reading his book entitled: Batu-bata Kehidupan.

Generally, previous Ramadhan, was more likely to be merrier with Mak Ngah and other aunts visiting us and eat together for Iftar. This time, my aunts are as quite as a mouse. I receive no news about Mak Long and her awesome Pineapple Tart, about Mak Ngah and my cousin Taufiq and even Mak Teh didn't invite my family to her house for Iftar like she always did. So, I have no photos with Khayra. A bit sad though. 

However, I bet this raya I must be prepared to answer lotsa questionaires from my relatives. They must be quite perplexed on the fact that I am actually going to pursue studying in India after how busy they knew I was doing Pre-Medicine at UiTM. Basically, at Klang, my family will ask questions sounded: 

Why can't you continue at UiTM instead? I thought you were there for the past 2 months right? 
- No. That's just plainly PRE-MEDICINE. Not even first year yet.

Boleh ke Dayana ni jadi doctor. Sebab setahu mak teh, Dayana ni senyap aje.
- Yeah, I knew that becoming one, needs to see people everyday, talk to patients like every second. And I admit that in the family, I am among the most quite person. I won't talk if people don't approach me. Thus, this creates doubts in my Mak Teh's mind.

Em, Dengar cerita Dayana ada boyfriend sambung medic kat Ireland...?
-Perghh! This is the most intimidating question and the most annoying one I ever accounted. Hello relatives and family members, Dayana doesn't have any boyfriend at the moment. And that's just a myth for having a boyfriend in Ireland. WTFISH

Are you ready for the toughest time of your live?? - from Abang  Saiful
-I think I am. Been heard of this a lot of time already. And I think every doctor-wannabe should face the reality that he or she must withstand this. No pain, No gain.

Eh dulu kata nak pergi Russia? Kenapa India la pulak?
-Em long story....MARA sponsored me to India, so here I go.

These are just some bits I usually try to answer and probably will be trying to answer them again and again. Nevermind actually, these questions that they have about me, symbolize how my family members, aunts, cousins and all of them are indeed love me from the bottom of their heart. AWWWW :)

Oh, this is only the Klang part of the family, I didn't even mention the Kedah's yet. I mean I am more secured at Kedah because my uncle who has been with us for the first week of Ramadhan, already know about this India thing. Plus, my mak lang at Kelantan had been notified as well. They welcome me to their home with an open heart. Even my pak lang, had gave me some advice on how to cope and how to become strong as a medical student. It's easier to confront with these families in Kedah as most of them really understand this career and most are intellectuals. Not that Klang's part are not, but they usually tried hard to understand why suddenly I said I am going to Russia, now India? It's indeed my fault for arousing confusion among them.

But, my Mak Ngah at Kedah, seemed quite shock I mean, quite a BIG shock hearing about India. She even did try to ask why I didn't go to AIMST University at Kedah, near her place. She even nagged to mom, for sending me to India. Well, the bad perception one has for India will never be vanished. People will forever jot India as dirty and filthy. And Russia was once jotted uncivilized? I just hope more people especially the elderly would take their time understand about this matter. 

Haha. Sorry for anyone who read this find me exaggerating on this fact about perceptions and people's reactions. Of course, families have their right whatsoever to ask me anything they like. So I must let it be. 

Anyhow, I also try to find some good old raya photos, but fail searching. Too many files on the disk. And my eyes already swirling. Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri to all my readers and to all Malaysians and to all Muslims. May Syawwal bring happiness and May Ramadhan returns again for many years to come:)

saya tak reti anyam ketupat. tak pernah anyam sebab takde sesiapa pernah ajak buat. macam mana kalau mak mertua suruh anyam nanti? AIGGOOO

>>p/s: Eid Fitr means a celebration as in to celebrate how humans returns to their FITR, or FITRAH, the sacred self of the humans itself, freed from sins, hatred and despises. Let's us forgive each other for this happiness time of our lives<<<

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