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Monday, 29 August 2011

Tak Balik Kampung ke???

Well, Dinas asked me far away from her kampung at Bukit Bla3 I forgot the place already; "Dayana, tak balik kampung?" 


1. My family and I have never been eager like everybody else I supposed, packing, hurriedly to return to kampung. Maybe yes when I was a little girl, as little as 0- 5 years old. Now, not anymore. Plus, grandparents passed away so long time ago. The cheerfulness brought by atuk nenek is never in my memory box. (saya tak pernah rasa kehadiran datuk...T__T)

2. My dad likes to raya at Kajang first. Maybe because he can takbir with his musolah mates. And there's a reason why my family never enjoyed having iftar at restaurants, because dad simply wanna iftar at musolah besides our house.

3. First raya always at Klang. Been 19 years of my life like that. And luckily, mom never nagged about her turn on returning to Kedah. That's the best part of my parents. Never argue on that silly matter.

4. If you see my not in facebook/twitter/blogging/google+/tumblr then I probably in Kampung already and eat and munch all day long. So don't worry, sorry if I made you bored seeing me every time.

>>p/s: preparations for raya done. NOT. packing to kedah belum lagi. OHHMAAN<<

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