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Monday, 15 August 2011

Raya Cookies, anyone?

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1INDIA hehehehehe XD

I know not many of us would put Raya Cookies on their priorities during AildilFithri. And they are not what people most look for during open houses, but seriously, Raya cookies put a very great benefit as a whole.

Usually, when small kids from the neighborhood come to my house, meanwhile my parents are not at home, plus I have nothing to serve them, Raya cookies will be my last resort to give them. Mom always said that kids who come for Raya don't really wanna eat or drink, they just wanna duit raya. 

Ok, as I was saying, today I spent boredom with something I couldn't do everyday. Baking Raya Cookies is fun and almost can be considered as Malay's Tradition when Aildilfitri is looming. Sadly, I have no talent whatsoever to do or make special complicated cookies like Pine Apple tarts or Almond London. I just have talent to make simple Conflakes Madu cookies - which if I make them for one whole small container, it can be vanished in just ONE day.

Almost every Raya, I make this cookies. The simplest raya cookies in the whole universe. HAHA. And the most important thing: It's very delicious. 


with LOVE



1 Big Bowl of Kellog's Cornflakes

3 Spoonful of Planta/Butter

2 Spoonful of Sugar

One Bowl of Honey


Heat the wok with slight flame. Heat the butter till half melts. Add in the 2 spoonful sugar, stir till everything melts altogether. Pour in the honey. Let everything mix well. Pour all the Cornflakes in. Using a spatula, mix everything up till all the flakes covered with the honey gravy. Turn off the flame. Let it cool for 2 minutes under normal air. And start putting them inside small paper cups. Beautify them with sprinkles of LOVE hehehe. Then, put in the oven, and heat them for 10 minutes at 110 Degree Celcius.

Once ready, Voilaa...enjoy:)


Flazhar said...

KITA SUKA GILA KUIH CORN FLAKES NI! mungkin sebab nama dia corn FLAkes. yang ada 'fla' semua sedap haha kk kita diam.

dayanaazhar:) said...

pun boleh ye fla. ahahahha. jgn la diam, bising lagi bising lagi