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Sunday, 1 January 2012

20 years of life

I am not yet 20 but will be in another 6 months. 

Being 20 denotes the disappearance of the word teen. It denotes another phase of life called adulthood.

Many people claimed that I am more matured than my age.

But deep inside, I am a kid, who sometimes is too naive of things happening around me.

In another 5 years, InsyaAllah, I will embrace the working life as a doctor. It's something that my heart says what I should be. 

And being at a hospital is not always fun. I am aware of the great possibilities of me to get scolded by the senior doctors, to get mocked, to get insulted and everything harsh that would pressurize this head. 

Yesterday, I had hospital attachment with the ENT department at KLE Hospital right here. 

For a newbie, everything looks exciting....but to work, to apply the knowledge and skill while surgery is another thing which sometimes makes me worry. Apparently, worrying is a waste of time. I, We, You should 

Also, apart from work, there's another phase of being 20 which is marriage. 

Of course, I won't be settling down and be somebody's wife right now or at precisely 20 of age, but it's a kickstart actually to really find someone who can be a soulmate for life. 

Then the question tickled: Is there any man out there who can suits or compliment me? I doubt, sometimes. :P

So marrying is something I think it can be queued and place at the bottom of my priority. The most essential aspect now is trying my best to be as most perfect daughter towards my beloved parents. Can't imagine one day, I would be freed from their responsibility and leave home to start a new family. Could you?

I have been thinking a lot these days. Sometimes I am lost. And so I hope this year, will turn out good. Allah is the only entity that can give me strength for all these. amin.

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lynnaiza said...

happy new year doc-to-be.have a blast. ;)