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Monday, 2 January 2012


Apa yang dah booked?

It's my air ticket to MALAYSIA people...

Yes, I am longing dearly to be with my family....

Eating with them, laugh with them over littlest things and just see them with my own eyes.

The fact that I don't use Skype too often is because I literally don't have time for it.

I know it's pathetic....but seriously, I just have to work harder for other things;

Not because I am a slow learner, it's because I am a fast learner who often forgets!

I think my limbic system has got lesions. And whatever it is, I still have to mingle harder with these books, lecture slides and all.

I am tired. And tires always vanish whenever I see my family....

Thus, my family is the medicine for all this laziness and ...this feeling of discomfort.

August 2012...please come hurrily....

But before that, I must COMPLETE this Phase 1 successfully!

Oh. I need the energy....the Action Potential for this brain to work at its max!

>>p/s: it's sad when a person who you longed to call/contact, became totally awkward to talk to and the saddest thing of all is that person seems like your call is unimportant<<

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