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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Community Placement

Community Placement, is going to be ON for tomorrow. I am actually the project manager for this first meeting with our first activity showdown. I am excited but scared for some reason.

First, we are going to do this community service at a 'special deaf and mute kids' school located very near to our hostel. I mean if there's no wall at our campus, we can surely just walk there, but the reality is bitter. Due to a wall, we have to travel via our mini school bus. Great.

20 other colleagues and I went to the very place last week, during our first meeting. The place was located at a very isolate compound, and the moment we entered, all the special kids stand up and greet us like they greet their God.

So, we were having an orientation on that day actually. The supervisor of that school isn't able to converse in English, and only knows the local Kannada, and thus we have to have our own escort Dr Kiran as the translator. Which is kinda hard BECAUSE we ourselves are not well versed in Kannada. Susah ooo nak cakap dalam bahasa ayam itik. Literally susah. 

origami is what we are gonna teach these kids tomorrow. Gulp!

And the orientation lasted about 2 hours I think, whereby we were shown some simple sign language like the numbers and common alphabets, on the animals, and on the days but I only remember how to 'say' elephant though. Blame me for lack of knowledge in these stuff.

The kids there are mostly girls ranged about 5 to 18 years old, and only 10 boys. The girls stayed there, where they sleep on the floor. Well, it's very pity, but that is real life in India. The school on the other hand is named, The school for the deaf and dumb kids, but ironically, these kids are not dumb at all. Dumb are generally long time ago American usage to console those who are mute and deaf. But they don't use that anymore, plus, some of them could be offended if we called them dumb and deaf.

So during the orientation, one of my colleague, Adib, asked if we could change the school's name, but in the end, they said they can't as the school has already abided by the government. Poor kids, though. They learnt tough subjects like high level maths and chemistry. Sadly, they don't learn English and vocational subject. I kinda worry how their future gonna be with lack of English proficiency and human skills.

On the other hand, being a project manager is a drench task. It was actually three of us who are supposed to be in charge but the other two girls went sick during the group discussion, so the group leader passed the work to me. Well, being a leader is hard. I mean, I have leadership skills but somehow or rather I believed that people looked down on me because I care too much. They can easily 'step on' my kindness and my inability to reject people's lame and stupid ideas if they are good friends. And today I really feel awkward and weak. 

Tomorrow's visit must be exciting. I really wanna it to be so because first impression always counts first. Lol. I hope the group members are aware of their specific tasks as I have posted them on Facebook group like so many times. And who doesn't notice Facebook notifications these days eh? 

>>p/s: Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku dan rakan-rakanku. Dan jauhilah aku daripada sifat riak dan takbur serta bangga diri. Lindungilah aku daripada segala kejahatan dan lapangkanlah dadaku dengan kesabaran:) << 

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