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Sunday, 8 January 2012

sukan oh sukan

saya suka sukan 

tapi tak suka main sukan

it's just that I don't have the talent.

*sedangkan memang kaki malas*

Okay people. In two weeks time, we the small community in this lovely place called USM KLE Belgaum is going to have a sports day! WOHOO:D *sorak sikit*

So yeah, it's like the basic school sports day where we have divided among ourselves to various groups according to color. I am green so beware. 

Being here, where we have to conduct our own activity is always difficult. But, I must praise those sports and culture bureau for making it a reality for the kids here to play netball, track game, relay, basketball, badminton, tennis and the list goes on. 

Just that, there's no teacher or coaches here to blindly PERSUADING us to play, thus creating more people like the lazy me. (*I am just so proud to be lazy..*)


SAMUDRA USM-KLE 2012 gonna be a blast since the IDEA is fantastic. Even we have our own groups by the name of oceans. Mine is Pacific which is GREEN. LOL.

But, even though I dislike sports, I know very well how sports can instill this feeling of being together and fight for our dignity, I mean our group's dignity. And, with many talented kids friends I have here, surely SAMUDRA will roars!

>>p/s: tulis nama masuk futsal, tapi serious malas weh nak main. why so serious la people!??>>

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