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Friday, 13 January 2012

Hole in a pocket


Well, 2012 has been em quite hectic but again boring. I mean, I am here where the community of my people (the Malaysians) are barely could be counted by the fingers, and the moment I open my eyes, wow, it is the same person, the same group I stumbled upon to.

Samudra 2012 or the sports day that we organized ourselves is going to happen on the CNY holiday. Seeing all the posts by my colleagues back in Kubang Kerian on the fact that they are finding people who can carpooling with them to return home makes me sad, a little, somehow.

I am still with my ego. Which, I do not want to go back yet. Because, I don't want to feel so close at home till I can't let it go. I don't want myself to be like who I used to be during my asasi years. Barely stayed at Puncak Alam on weekends, and MUST go home by Friday night so that I can feel the Saturday at my home sweet home. No way I going to do that again.

Plus, it is also the time for me to stop being pampered by the family. It is the reality which I am going to face, insyaAllah for the entire rest of my life devoting my soul and my workforce to this crazy field of medicine...that has made me decided to be a little away from home. *relax bai, baru India....belum antartika* Thus, this lead to my decision to return only on July that is after the first phase of my MD is over!

Also, at this moment, where the hole in the pocket has gotten so large that I could die. LOL. MARA has been very generous to give us this opportunity to become rich kids. Some of us had also bought ourselves IPAD, GALAXY TAB and Galaxy Note you all tau? And yeah...this is absolutely one of .the perks for becoming a sponsor student. And up to now, after 4 months, the money seems to flow out and out non-stop.

Leaving in India where people said things are cheap and cheap is not the matter. But, the university that we are bound to, seemed to have eaten all the money. Just imagine paying USD 900 for a year hostel fee, then the bus fee where it costs us around USD 200 whereby we don't really use the bus anymore since it will only make us look like too cool for being late. After that, we have library fees which in rupees it costs around 4600 rupees which is several hundred ringgit and super expensive to me. 

Then, every month and so, we withdraw some more money to buy stuff we need in our daily life. All the snacks that could fill up the stomach while feeling hungry spontaneously as we are in a very hectic schedule of studying and studying. The snacks plus all the itineraries like detergents, soaps, shampoos and for the girly important stuff will cost you around RM 200 per month. Not including the broadband recharge. Of course, to have the best connectivity, the most costly package is available. And it is because it is not our parent's money, that lead us to over-spent the money to just have a better youtube session. T.T

a tree I want to grow in my yard

So, one lucky and fine day, my room mate nagged on how I have been a very stingy person. She advised me to not just keeping the money in the bank, instead I should invest it so that the money tree can be bear. That's why I am planning for some business selling sarees. And I hope it will turn out well because I really need to create some asset as the money given by MARA is not enough, literally. Whatnot, currently, the food served by MESS is super awful where the vegetables are not fresh, I now move on to cooking DIY. But mostly my friend/roommate will cook, meanwhile I bought the induction cooker which is like a boss expensive around RM 300. T.T *another money flow out*. Basically, I wanna grow a money tree for the funding of buying the ingredients to cook and to buy a stethoscope. And I am serious.

>>p/s: staying in India makes you feel so rich, but the reality is you are not. So beware to those who wanna join us!:D<<


aishiteru said...

weet weet~ don't worry, be happy :)
live your life
insya Allah, everything will be fine

Fatin Hazdzirah said...

kadang'' kita tak leh berkira jugak. Seme ni kerajaan kuarkan utk keselesaan dan mengharapkan the best from us!