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Sunday, 15 January 2012


Masak-masak is always fun when you know how to cook, know where to get the almost-similar ingredients like what you can get in home sweet home, Malaysia, and to add more, when you have good buddy to rely on to. Who can actually play as your mother and cook for you. 

I mostly care about food. Plus, staying in this chilly weather or better cut short as winter, make you growl 24/7. Lapar weh....and the saddest thing of all when you spent RM400 as your monthly meal but every other kids got chicken but you only get a fried egg + some masala powder. T.T. The question is, where is justice.

Muak is another thing. Muak is when you are EXHAUSTED of having the same kind of thing as a routine. I would say now I am already muak with the food at Mess. Everyday the same chicken dishes, the same warm water, the same hard-stony rice and the same unfresh okra and potatoes deep fried. I can't even stand with the briyani nowadays. Although, briyani supposed to be super delicious.

To quit paying RM400 for the food that I am exhausted with is impossible....why? Because USM's deputy dean, who is very much concern that we won't be having enough time to cook, want us to eat there for the entire first year, and probably for the upcoming years till I graduate (*insyaAllah*) According to him, we will get the safest and cleanest food in India at our MESS but he didn't know how we are almost puking eating the repeated thing. 

GEEZ...I whine too much even though I must be lucky that my room mate has this terrific but very surprising attitude whereby she will be very eccentric at times and DOOSH, She cooks like a boss! She made nice nasi lemak last week, but her Mihun Goreng, was awful yesterday. But her asam pedas tastes awesome. She also bought some ikan bilis, which is very rare here people....And I am just waiting for her to make up something out of that. LOL. 

Apparently, asking mom and dad to send a parcel of things from Malaysia has becoming a nuisance to them. Pity them so much that they have to spend another RM200 for a 4kg parcel just for me. How could I repay their kindness? T.T I miss them damn muchoooo.

Okay....maybe people wanna see some photos out of this blog. Sorry, just that I hate that my Sony E won't work like the former K770I with it's 3.2MP camera. Blame me for choosing the wrong camera-phone!

NASI LEMAK !!! sedapppp

Pabila rajin menjelma

>>P/S: gambar asam pedas tak sempat capture since I was occupied on that day, hanya sempat melahap je. LOL<<

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faisal said...

hehe,,masak sendiri je la mak wei.. lagi puas hati..seyes..