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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Battle Secondum

Less than 2 weeks before 2nd selanjar. 

Progress has been quite slow. And I am no longer an A-straight kid.

A friend of medschool back then faraway in Perak told me this in Twitter:

"Dapat A ke tak, doesn't matter. Bila dah kerja nanti sama je, gaji sama, start pun dari Housemen"

True indeed. But somehow or rather, the content feeling of obtaining the shining A somewhat matters, to me.


now that I am no longer in school, I should put down some believe. People obtaining A is always those who people will look for and look upon to. But, I don't think I want that now.

One day, a friend named N, a girl of course, came to my room during brunch hours. She was wearing baju kelawar and looked insanely just finished her studying. She wanted to get some slides notes and at the same time glancing at my histo work book. I gave her mine since I didn't let her borrow my neuroanatomy textbook because I wanna use it. Later, she found out that I do READ the text book, hence she became puzzled and surprised.

"Wey...aku tak baca pon buku2 semua ni. Aku baca lecture notes je...takde masa nak baca semua ni weh"

That's what she said to me. And she-who-I-must-not-named got an A during the previous battle. And I, who read all these books? Emmmm.....cukup makan aje but I felt content already.

So, if we looked back. Do ALLAH The Most Merciful looks upon the 'A' that we got, or HE looks more upon our efforts and perseverance? Think. And I got the answer. At first, I was quite intimidated by the person named 'N', but then is 'A' matters so much that I must feel intimidated? No

When we learned...or when we try to quest for something, we must at our most think that Allah is seeing us. Observing us. We learned and get the knowledge from HIM through mediums like books, lectures, the talks given and etc. Only how fast and how much knowledge we get is what gives us borders.

So I must think. You too. 

Let us study with peace. And do remember, nothing comes in handy and no entity can help us, rather than our MOST MERCIFUL ALLAH S.W.T.


littledolphin said...

your friend that tweet you does have a point.I did think about it too.but somehow,just like you i still want to gain 'A'.

and yes i still do.but,the desire is no longer in the priority list.cos like you say,Allah looks more upon our efforts. ^^

thanks for reminding me.especially when i might get my sem 3 results tomorrow. ;)

dayanaazhar:) said...

oh no biggie, glad my writing do give some impact if not big, but small to my readers.

Kyra Shin said...

try your best.put all effort to achieve an As as a target.The rest leave it to Allah.He knows what the best for us.