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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bukan semua itu indah

Haha! We are in need to get rid of the fridge we have here. But how? They only give us A ONE WEEK notice? Sigh.

India is a place where it can make you so pissed off. The authority here works slow like a siput and every simple thing can be so complicated.

Recently, the KLE's behalf noticed that there's a peak rise in the electric bill which they assumed we the USMKLE students to be one of the causes. About three weeks ago, I did write an announcement to my colleagues to use the induction cooker less and no one can buy the fridge anymore. But like always, what I told them went down the drain.

So, now, the peak rise of bill has becomes tremendously high. They hence gave us this notice and made us to sign it. Sadly, our student's welfare officer is out somewhere in Mangalore and she will be boarding off to Australia in a week.

The only person we can talked to about the matter is our Deputy Dean who is superbly busy and occupied but he did a great job entertaining us during the study under the tree experience with him at his house. Not to mentioned, he gave us some spaces at his place for us to gather and cooked. It was awesome and I felt like being at kampung where waiting for the aunts to cook and we the kids watched TV while waiting.

Back to the point, now, people are worried where they are gonna place and hide the bloody gigantic fridge. I mean come on la Indians, we are living here for 5 YEARS, and bloody need the fridge. We drink milk daily and we have to cool it in the fridge, we cooked and that's why we have to put our groceries in the fridge. We can't afford to eat outside like some anak bangsawan out there because we are not!! And we have to cook for our own health benefits!!

Thus yesterday, my roomy and me went to have some eye to eye chat with the care taker of the hostel. We told her straight to the face why we need to keep the freaking fridge!!!

Gosh I am so mad. This is the reality when you live in a country so corrupt. And in the country, where the people are so freaking annoying. Some are good and some are just so bad. I am tired thinking of things that we have the right to keep or not. Why making things complicated!!

We have had enough of the most expensive hostel rent in the whole India and now this? Please lah, nak masak pun sempit, but I am aware that kubur nanti lagi sempit. This world is full of injustice....oh Allah gives me strength to face all this.


littledolphin said...

aduh tak sangka peti sejuk pun jadi masalah ye..

why la they are so unreasonable?fridge tu penting kot.untuk letak groceries and everything kan?

i really hope your problem will be solved and you can keep the fridge.

living without a fridge is not easy especially for a person who likes milk like me. :B


dayanaazhar:) said...

well, mmg nuisance la indians ni cari pasal ngan kami...
btw, thankie:)

Fatin Hazdzirah said...

heh. rileks la. sabar sabar sabar sabar. peace!