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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kalah Menang

Assalamualaikum people:)

Can you believe that we here had sports day for the past 2 days? Yes! Medical students and sports day are not something bizarre. In fact, I am astonished by the athletic friends and colleagues I have here. 

We have an iron lady, which I competed with her in a 100 meter spring racing. And it is ridiculous, because I am barely a person who can sprint, but she (who is in red team), was basically a representer for SUKMA. Can you note my point now? How on earth can a person who is so kayu like me to win the race? Where is justice? And this is why I hate sports sometimes. It's embarrassing to tell readers here about the actual detail during the competition. 

But at least, I was lucky because I got second place in single badminton game. And it was super lucky for me actually since I competed with the yellow team's first, whom basically, em did not know how to play. I won the first round, then to get either the first or the second place, I fought with a senior, which was from the Blue Team. She is known for being good at the game among her peers, but isn't as good as my old friend back in high school, whom I used to play with quite often when Chiam was around. 

It was a tough fight playing with the Blue Team, but I gave chance to her since I was already pancit. That was a circumstance for not being fit enough. I can say I am proud to contribute some points for my Green House The Pacific Dragons though. Clap clap clap. (*seriously clapping and cheering for myself*)

Okay, so on the first day of Samudra, the green team was so lucky that we were mostly on the first or the 2nd rank. The basketball team won Gold, The netball team won gold too, then we also had the badminton won gold and silver respectively for women's double and men's double and single. 

Too bad things weren't that lucky during the second day. The girls barely win anything. Only the boys sprinters got the medals and the points. T___T...also during baling selipar and galah panjang, we lost. Maybe because we lost our spirit as we knew we weren't strong and many of us were injured. At last, we gave chances for the blue team as they barely win anything HAHAHAHAR.

Well, Samudra2012, was a blast I could say. Too bad I am not athletic enough to have participate in netball since Darina said I can't the grip the ball well, also the futsal which em....I was lazying around not coming for the practice. I am so sorry that I have said yes to participate in the 100 meters, which I obviously can't win. 

Anyhow, Green Team/Pacific has won the 2nd Place!!! Alhamdulillah:) Hooray!!! Most of the competitors we had were injured badly including our group leader whom I assumed he had spasms of his thigh. The Red team roars like always (like in school) and indeed the red team members are not humans. What did they eat????

not complete. but we are the proud to say we are the PACIFIC DRAGONS!!!

Well too bad some of them went home already:(( BUT WE ROCK!

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