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Monday, 6 February 2012

Le Truth

Just read blog.arif. And what you can find in his latest entry is about MARA, that they don't actually apply the SPC- skim pelajar cemerlang thingy. Like before, those who got SPC (the excellent student scheme) would just have to pay 1% of the total sponsorship they got for their studies. Not anymore bustards!

Well even arif himself is still unsure about this matter. I mean he completed his degree, and he is just hoping that it would be 100% sponsor like it used to be. What the real picture is NOW , MARA has completely revised its policy.

So 20% is what I have to pay after finishing my MD here. Hooray!...And it's a lot I tell you. So don't blame me why I keep on blabbering on saving up. You see, I am no richie kid. I can't depend on my parents all the time. It is already a sin asking money from them at this age even though I am still under their responsibility. At 20, am I kidding my self? 

For sure, I hope this scheme is not gonna change anymore. I wonder how those who finished studying will contemplate on this matter though. Must be so disappointed.

But here one thing:

You are under JPA sponsorship, then you're obliged to work for the government for 10 years. If not, you have to pay ALL the sum of sponsorship you get.

You are under MARA, then you're obliged to pay back about 20% of the total sum you get in the first place, but it is convertible under certain rules and terms. (No need working for government for 10 years)

So which one do you prefer now? 

Bank Negara, Petronas, Shell, Yayasan??

It is all up to you and of course your important SPM results and pointers. 

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