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Sunday, 5 February 2012

DR Raichur

Well ada kisah dengan seorang physiologist yand bernama seperti di atas. Nanti gue tulis deh...sekarang sedang sibuk melayan perasaan tak tentu arah study week, yang tak berapa nak progressive. Sigh. I need a spark in my life now.

Masih juga dalam teka-teki nak kemana cuti seminggu lepas exam. Alahai sayang, seminggu aje pon, tak sempat bersuka ria dah kena berduka. And upon all, I do think USM need to revise how they can reduce stress among us students. 

Hari ni, em nak habiskan notes on anatomy, memang tinggal harapan la. Serious penat sayang semua, because looking at the slides like every single details you have to know, but our deputy dean did say that they don't actually hoping we know everything. Tapi Indian lecturers ni lain sikit perangai. They are like books memorizer. Cuba buka buku Chaurasia (a book on dissecting) and you can actually hear the same phrases and sentences just like in the book from their mouth. THE AGONY!

Okay itu sahaja yang dapat dicoret. Dr Raichur, is a person I wanna brag...but later after finish exam. LOL

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littledolphin said...

then i guess i am serupa like the indian lecturers.cos i am a penghafal.haha

but only for history facts.hehe