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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The 13

Well, they, the 13 of them, came to join us here a bit late. Almost like 2 months gap between us and them. They said they were belittled. They were treated harsh in USM Kelantan and they were in mental distress that they were given permission to not attending classes for the first months.

One day I received news from a friend who is one of the 13, that they won't be coming here. Everyone was in despair. Of course, it was like a part of us was being separated. They were given a lot of choices on what they should do instead of coming here by MARA. But some of them were really freaking furious at that time, while little of them were really patient. I adored those who was patient enough.

Then, after a while of hiccups hearing bad news from their side, well they were actually 21 in numbers but reduced to 13 for some reasons which I couldn't make out, I suddenly received this message from the same person, the same friend I used to been receiving message, that they were allowed to come.

Once they arrived, none of them were looking joyful, because of certain reasons and mishaps that happened. Some of them weren't been given the rooms at the same hostel as the earlier peeps have. They were in mental distress again going to and fro the guest house. Pity them though.

Most of the 13 friends I mentioned are really a great persons. Funny, outrageous, smart, one of them truly KNOWS Hindi which is a very good thing, one is very athletic, one is super intelligent and full of ideas, and you named it. Also, some of them are really porous but at the same time cute and friendly.

The bond between them however is something you can't deny of the strength it has. It's like hydrogen bond you learned in Chemistry. So strong. They are like sticking together as a synctium almost 24/7. Then, shaitaan whispered me this words that leaded me to jealousy. And the jealousy becoming stronger each day.

I am generally jealous of the bond they have as a group. I mean the girls can rely on the boys member so much that is almost looking like they are some kind of a family. When one get sick, the other will quickly come and lend some medicine. When the canteen is closed due to certain holidays, like for a week, the 13 of them would cooked and eat together at the canteen, which I had never experienced. Also, on study week, they would make this synctial work by doing study group. Get down this white board and prepared for the tutorials and they would learn like that which is efficient. And during vacation week, they would go for a picnic or shopping as the 13. Which for me is the sweetest thing ever.

So sad, that I don't quite have that here. 
I mean I feel alone. And this is bad. Even now, I am.....actually alone.

I am in a terrible jealousy syndrome that I have to get rid off, but just couldn't help it.
They are so happy together and they are family.

Deep down in my heart I want that sort of things too but I just couldn't get one.
But maybe because this is what's the best I can get?

>>p/s: why?<<

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