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Friday, 3 February 2012

Medic-student Pressure VS Maulud Nabi Muhammad s.a.w

Actually I am in a condition of major dilemma.

Maulidur Rasul is this Saturday. I have this crossword puzzle to be completed. It needs me to know various important things that related to the life of Rasulullah S.A.W. 

I tried to complete it by Google most of the answer. This is what happened kids, when in high school, you learnt Islamic Education for the sake of having a big smile on the Ustazah's face as well as to get the A on your slip.

Well, the questions are really tricky. Not everything can be Googled, is what I learned from this event. One of the questions is, write the name of a place where many JINNS were reverted to Islam. Another one is what is the name of a person who reverted to Islam because he wasn't willing to see Prophet Muhammad s.a.w to be insulted? 

Even the crossword puzzle linkage seems to make people confused. And I just knew that we have to pass this by 12 am...which I obviously fail to do that. T___T sorry.

I love you dear HEART, but I am also tired LEARNING about you. But my heart deep inside tells me to be a cardiologist one day:)

Simultaneously, it's hard to answer and revise for Cardiovascular system. Everything is Physics now, eh no! Physiology! But it's damn tricky! I don't know what to write anymore on the answer papers. Plus, tomorrow we have an exam to face. Clap, clap, clap. 

End block again. And please make tomorrow's night come quicker. I am tired actually because for the small group discussion we are going to have tomorrow, most of the people are trying to pick the easiest question available, make me a leader who have to deal asking people which questions they want (apparently, this wasted my time) , and how great because we are going to have Dr Raichur as our supervisor cum tutor. And everyone is afraid of Dr Raichur for certain reasons. Clap again.

At the end, I drown into this dilemma of whether to finish my crossword puzzle or to finish doing this questions. But in the end I chose to blog because 'the blog' is a friend I can trust who is not alive. 

>>p/s: Esok pasti lebih baik daripada hari ni!!! Yakin dengan Allah<<

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