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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Realiti USMKLE


USMKLE is an offshore campus of USM Kubang Kerian. We have merely just medical school here, whereby in Kubang Kerian, they also have dental, forensic medicine, dietetic and other health sciences courses.

We are barely 2 years old programme. Very young and very fragile indeed. We are lead by one incredible figure namely Professor Kamarudin Jalam or we usually called him Prof KJ.

Prof KJ is our deputy dean here. He lived here all by himself in a mansion behind our hostel. During study week, we would go to his house for some sessions of studying under one roof. 

I am in a second batch of students, our community is not that many, only 160++ I presumed. 

We do and make our University programs by ourselves. We made sportsday and organised it. We danced by our own choreography. We practice singing by ourselves. We made competition among us ourselves. We made Islamic programs by our own means. Easy to say, we made everything on our own.

Plus, we have to pay the rent by using the scholarship money. So basically, we are not rich even though we might have made people think we are rich. 

Tandoori nearby

We are forced to dine and have our meals at a student's canteen called MESS. This place is where we paid RM 300 per month for eating 3 meals per day. We used to have high tea too where at lucky times we'll get fried banana as our delicacy, but not anymore. Dining at MESS for the first 2 months was lovely as most of the food are consume-ably. Nowadays, the food is getting weirder and contains lotsa oil. Sometimes when they wanna cook the cabbage, it turned into cabbage soaked in oil dish. No wonder we are gaining weight.

During holidays, the MESS will stop operating. And thus making paying RM300 for a month meals an absurd thing ever. But sadly, the higher authorities of the KLE, made us eat here because they are afraid that we might have no time to cook for ourselves.

playing doctor sometimes

Cooking for ourselves is fun when you have the ingredients. To be frank, chicken is expensive. Fish is more expensive. Only fruits and vegetables are affordable. To have a fridge to store these groceries is like having to keep a phantom in the house. We never knew when we have to start paying for the electricity bill or to get rid of the fridge. What a life.

Now, it is summer here. It has been very hot and blazing hot. Unlike in winter, when it was freezing cold. At night, lotsa mosquitoes would be your sleeping partner and you will have to just be prepared having Vicks or Balms at your side. Also, if you study beside the window, and let is opens, please do welcome the bugs of your life to enter and disturb your attention. You will be having bees buzzing and the cockroaches swirling on the floor. 

hospital attachments sometimes

At shops, especially at Shop De Campus, please do stand the old female cashier, who works slower than slowpoke. And, please stand the attitude of these tempe (locals) who couldn't never understand the ethic of queueing up in a line to pay at the counter. It would be a waste of time sometimes just to buy a bottle of mineral water, so bring your own water where ever you go.

Cooking sometimes

To get coins here is very difficult. We still use the barter system, where when the cashier does not have enough coins to pay your change, he or she will replace it with candies. How insane. How can you use back the candies later on? The absurd way of life is that, so carry on your life...
Shopping at GOA sometimes

One good thing what you can find here is cheap novels, over half the price you can get at Malaysia. Also, the medical books are very cheap. Himalayas products for those who enjoy pampering beauty, are very very affordable. People makes business out of them. Beautiful sarees to make baju kurungs also something you would have a craze for. Nice strawberries for everyday snack? What you gonna say about that? HAHAHA

Bangles, anyone???

So, generally this is what the reality would seem. I am not saying I am not enjoying it, I do, but Malaysia is a way better home to be at. But living in India, would certainly made your eyes open wider of life. Real life.

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