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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Jeng 3x lagi


The frightening moment to get the Selanjar 2 results has finally ended. All I can say is thank you Allah. Allah certainly looks upon our effort.

3rd March 2012, marks another end for another battle. And I can now happier to say, 

"eh dah nak habis dah first year?" hehehehe

During the exam, I can sensed every difficulties in the essay question. I didn't know most of it well and just write what I think was right. Today, a miracle happened. First time, in university life attaining the A+. Syukur ya Allah.

Even for SSA which I almost cry attempting the first question: The Norma Basalis. The pictures were hard to interpret for me. The fissures on the cerebellum were very confusing either, thankfully the other questions related to it wasn't a drench. Another A+...alhamdulillah Ya Allah :')

Only for MCQ, Allah wants to give me the sense to reflect myself. MCQ wasn't that hard when I was attempting it, but it came the opposite way. Quite shock seeing how bad I performed in Multiple Choices of True and False. Perhaps, I didn't quite take it by hard the things I should learn. Maybe. So, I must now work extra harder to achieve better grades.

I must say MCQ was the phantom that put my high hopes down, but I am happy enough that I passed with first class. Now, lets focus for the present and the future. Face everything with a smile, and be thankful that you still got chances ahead of you, to change to the better, said a friend named Hanif.

To all other KLE's colleagues, congratulations. Everyone has done very well. 

>>p/s: ourselves now is a reflection of how our children are gonna turn out one day. Thus, it's crucial to change our attitude and pray more and more. Jagalah hubungan dengan Allah, nescaya Allah akan menjaga kita :) <<

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hamzah ian said...

tahniah2.. hehehe