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Friday, 9 March 2012

Tuang kelas


After the lovey dovey, not-so-stress environment of the students of USM-KLE, now the strict rules began to take play. HARHARHAR! I like this.

Before this, after these 6 months being here as first years, for the first 2-3 blocks (first semester), the students in my class were very diligent. They came for every class everyday, and carved a big nice smile onto the Indian lecturers' faces. Then, the somewhat hardworking and 'schematic' behavior of frequent attendance has decrease, day by day.

Reason of this might be due to the fact that, most of the students develop a tremendous 'wound' after the immunity loss the battle with the foreign particle or any antigens that were unrecognized by their bodies. They fell ill, they were admitted and number increased so bad. That's how we were forced to have our own kitchen (with Indian chef) called MESS, where we would have our daily meal, for RM300 per month!

Nowadays, 6 months had passed. Students aren't getting ill anymore (other than fever which is common), but the number of absentees are still so high. After the end of selanjar, and just during the opening week of the 2nd semester, the lecturers worked hard to do this feedback selanjar 2 thing which we discussed the topic that had been asked during the exam. For me, it's a super duper important class. What not, it was meant to help us in knowing where we got wrong, knowing where we can improve and who knows the questions might reappear. Sadly, not that I am saying I am the goodie shoes here, but most of the colleagues here didn't seem to bother about this matter. And so, they were absent. 

Even for dissection which can be a very boring and sleeping class, many of us (must-not-be-named), would still prefer to ignore how importance is the fact that they need to attend the dissection. I knew it well how most of them were not ill, and if they were, they would just have a typical slight headache or something. I could just say that they were irresponsible. MARA send them here for the sake of taking class, and learn. Not simply, banked in a sum of money for you to enjoy the day at bed instead.

So, recently, when our lecturers had detect this problem, they told our Prof KJ. One day, the deputy dean, came into our class with a long list of names in his hands. The names were those who fail to attend dissection and other lectures plus, they failed to hand in their letter of absentees. 

If they fail, to do so, or without any reasons for their absentees, Prof KJ will send their documents to MARA, and what do you think MARA will react? 

I just hope that these colleagues of mine have some thought of considerate. Think about how passionate the lecturers are when in come to teaching. I know the Indian Lecturers are not paid that much compared to those in Malaysia, but still they worked super hard to let some medical facts get into our heart and brain. Also, they must always think the reason why the took this path at the first place. Because playing truant is gonna become a habit later on, and could they stand long hours in hospitals upon graduating if they started it first? Sometimes I ponder. 

No matter how genius or good you are during medical schools, but keep being absent with out no reasons, you are in a wrong path towards this noble career. And how good you are in your religion, giving religious talks here and there to people, but if you can't change this attitude, you're just nowhere near towards becoming a great doctor. 

>>p/s: I am writing not because I am pissed, in fact I am not the one who get consequences if they the one who playing truant. I just want them to realize and for you out there, who are still in quest for learning to think deeply. Mom and dad send us here not because to see we enjoy rather than study when the time is really meant for studying. Even, I am learning from my words too.<<

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