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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Everyone has 24/7 a day

Community service was fun and entertaining. Doing the paper work is the opposite. I almost wasted 3 nights to make sure the paper work turned out great.

I am not whining nor do I hate to do it. But it's tiring when you worked so hard and put every bit on your strength into it, then came a supervisor who wanna change every bit of it; according to his cup of tea. That's ridiculous.

Being a leader is always a part of my hobby. Not that I could gain power and looked uber cool, rather; I like it because it teaches me to be independent and enhance my social skills. However, too much work on things that is not as important as Selanjar, made me wanna puke. 

Okay, I am worried. Worried about passing my first year. Chance like I have now only came once, but if I don't know how to manage time properly, I will be doomed. Sometimes I ponder how did other friends here who can do whatever they like but still attain the good marks in the end block. Of course, end block is just a test after one block to the other. But it certainly marks our comprehension on the topics learnt. 

When hearing the other friends at other countries, UiTM for example. They have PBL where they would discuss on the pathological side, and the symptoms. That would be rather difficult compared to what I have here as darjah satu eh first year. First year in USM only requires students to answer MCQ paper, OSPE (practical) and also SEQ (essay). This is merely easier compared to my other friend in UKM-UNPAD, Bandung; who have 200 MCQ questions and scenario cases to be presented for their examination.

You see, medical institutions all over the world, serve different methods of learning. We can't just pick which one is better, because every place has it's advantage. I can USM is better because I am learning here, but that would sounded biased to the extreme right? I just need to bear this hardships for a little longer. I just need to enter 2nd phase (second year) with ease. Ya Allah, Please.

But yeah, still I got project report to be edited. I am bad at multitasking recently that's why everything seemed a mess. Photos need editing so do all the sentences I have made. sigh...the agony

See ya then, when life gets better.

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