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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A surgeon and thankful

It was thanksgiving. George was still on bed that morning, just too lazy to wake up. It's a day off so he thought of just to roll on the bed for some time. His housemate Izzy, was downstairs in the kitchen; preparing the ingredients to cook for thanksgiving dinner. Mary, the house owner, didn't want to help Izzy because he hated thanksgiving. Izzy was frustrated when no one in the house bother to help her out. Suddenly, there were three men outside the door. Mary went to open the door, and she was surprised when the three men she barely knew, wished her so loud on the face with HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Then off they went climbing the stairs. Mary quickly made her exit before Izzy caught her to cramp in the kitchen.

The three men were George's family. They grabbed George who was still in his pyjamas and dragged him down. Izzy asked where they were going and George weakly answered,"Going to kill some birds Izzy, help me!". Izzy was astonished and furious. Now everyone is away; how is she going to cook all the dishes alone.

George was brought to a somekind of a forest. He was forced to hold a gun on his hand, meanwhile his brothers were fighting over a game called pick a car. They mentally tortured George to tag in the game, but it was just not his type of a play. He just hated playing that childish game. George hated to go to the woods with his brother and father because he hated killing birds; turkey in exact. Every year, during thanksgiving, his family has this tradition of getting their own turkey for dinner. Getting it on their own means one of them has to kill the bird. Who ever who successfully snapped a bird will be nominated as THE MAN for thanksgiving. As for George he never did kill a bird before. What not a turkey. His brothers pissing him like crazy telling him that he's sissy, can't even shoot a bird. 

While they were sitting quietly waiting for their prey, George was still annoyed by his childish older brothers who keep calling him a sissy. His dad came to the rescue and suggested that George should tell his brothers about his work at the hospital. Tell his brother about the reality of becoming a surgeon. Well, his father didn't know that George was still an intern. So all he basically do usually, was to help the real surgeon doctors to do open surgery. He was again being laughed at when his brothers kept mugging that George is not the hero since he just assist the doctor and not doing surgery on his own. For George to explain the real situation to his brothers was impossible. There's no way his brothers who stop insulting him and calling him names.

Suddenly, came a turkey from nowhere. One of his brother was the first to cue the gun towards the bird but George insisted that this time he wanted to be the man. And out of rage, George shot the bird. His dad was so happy that finally he broke the tradition. 

Soon, they packed to go home. While George was closing the door of the back truck, one of his brothers mistakenly shot their dad on the buttocks. George was furious and angry because of his brother's childish act. 

Soon at the hospital, George was intended to attend his dad with the wound. His dad was proud and said it wasn't painful. His brothers were still there playing with the lights and all. They still have that intention to play pick a car. George wasn't listening and didn't want to pick any car. But he has his limits when he was being pushed so hard. Soon he dashed off the room and smacked the door. Before that, he told his brothers, not to treat him like he's stupid.

After some time, George came back to the room. His father was still there, with no one accompanying him. His brothers were off for dinner at the cafetaria. Then George quickly attended his father's wound. The bullet was still plug inside the flesh. Trying to get it out. Meanwhile, he told his father the story of last night, where he successfully did one chest surgery to a patient who was stuck in a elevator. His father was surprised. And proud. Then George said, frankly he didn't like being treated bad by his brothers. He hated to be an idiot all the time. But then his father broke into his words.

"Stop George. Stop saying we are treating you like an idiot. In fact, you are treating us like idiots. You know George, your brothers are not educated. Jim is just a cleaner. Meanwhile Ron, he barely has a job. And, you know what I am? I am just a truck driver, boy"

"But you are much more different, George. You are a doctor. You are clever than any of us here. And you know how it makes me feel like? It makes me feel like I am doing something good at raising you"

"When we dragged you to join this kind of thing, we know you didn't like it. But we don't have any other choice. This is what we do every year, and we want to make you a part of us, yet you hesitated. You are too much different. Think George. We love you, but we cannot talk things you want to talk about. This is us, and accept who we are. Because we are family, George. I am happy you are good at what you are doing, but don't make it a barrier between yourself and your family"

George burst into tears. He has done so many wrongs towards his father and his brothers. It's thanksgiving and he was supposed to be grateful that he still have a family. Yes, becoming a surgeon is his long time dream, but he has made a barrier because he was different from the family.

What we can learn from the story is that, be grateful of what you have. Be grateful that you have a family who always supported you. And be nice to them even though they are the opposite. And when people are treating us bad, look back to ourselves and ask ourselves perhaps, we are the one who has the problems. The real problems towards hatred. Mingle with people with all kinds. And accept people of what they are.

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ayonKM said...

Nice one dayana! Well, they shouldn't treat george that way also...