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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Papa, I love you :")

"I have been living in England for 6 years. I received only 240 pounds back then, while the currency rate was only 4.5. You can calculate how little was my allowance compared to yours now. In studying medicine, to become a doctor, dayana, what you need is sacrifice. Sacrifice your leisure time, sacrifice your rest. To master at your studies, you need to spend more time on books, to read the topic as many times as you can. Then you have to close the books and try to explain to yourself about the topics read. If you can explain it smoothly, you're on the right track"

An advice from dear papa azhar on the reality of life, of trying to do well in studies; and yes, I do need to sacrifice myself.


ayonKM said...

U know, sometimes we spend too much time on books that we forget to learn from our surroundings. Its not wrong to have a leisure time, but it is terrible if we use 'study' time to enjoy. I respect your dad for telling you that. who know's we might as well sacrifice those who raised us up. X)

dayanaazhar:) said...

yeah, surroundings are our teaachers as well. thanks ryan for your two cents.