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Friday, 6 June 2014

Reality USMKLE New Edition

Thank you first of all to those upcoming juniors (inshaALLAH) who had contact me multiple times. Yeah, I know the anxiety. The excitement to know you are either going to be accepted or rejected for medical school. I miss the feeling too ! The moment where there's so much confidence! 

I want to say that everything I told you guys would be of what I have experienced. I am now had finished my third year (Alhamdulillah and yeyyy!). So, most of my stories would be of three years back, which I assumed there's not much of a difference. But if there's any bit of a difference, I am really sorry.

What have change?

1. Professors/lecturers
- Many of our lecturers had left us. For example our cheerful physiology lecturer and one of our Godmother they say, named Madam Vidya. Before this, they say, Madam Vidya was a reliable person. She took care of Malaysian Students because she was by the way, the Student Affairs Dean or something (I dont really care), but because she is still an Indian citizen, I still somehow think whether she is available or absent, things are the same. So yeah, we have no longer a 'Madam' who we can run into and complaint things like about washing machines and stuff. Everything would be on our own. And they said the KLE University authority would pretty much dig our money. But wait, don't bother about money aspect. If you are here with a determination, things would be fine. Just concentrate on your main aim. But I am bit worried though for those who are not from a wealthy family and come here on parents' support. It will not be easy and cheap. I am warning you!

2. Syllabus
- For juniors coming for year one, here's a good news. You guys would probably be embarked into a new kind of USM Syllabus. I somehow think they change it to turn USM MD into somewhat similar to other medical schools in Malaysia. I don't quite know deeply how much changes in syllabus you would experience, but your clinical years start in 3rd year. Meaning, you will start your postings in third year, sleep in the hospital, eat in the hospital and making hospital as your first home. YEYYY! While I as one of the pioneer member, would start my posting in forth year, meaning in this september. They said, they will be a new hospital. A new USM hospital just for us. I still do not want to brag how awesome it will be. Because last time I heard, it is still under construction. Let me warn you guys again that coming to India, don't jaw dropped when you are allowed to live in a under-construction building though.

3. Dean might be leaving for good.
- Prof Dr Kamaruddin Jaalam, is the Deputy Dean who is assigned to watch out for us here in USMKLE. He is of course from USM Kubang Kerian. His presence is more like a gem for us especially when examinations are around the corner. Rumor has it, that he might be leaving us for good. Well, if he's leaving just pray for someone better to replace him. Because for us, he is irreplaceable. 

4. New swimming pool!
-You heard it guys and gal! There is a swimming pool, just beside the campus. But it's not just for us the USM students but for all those from JNMC as well. You will know what JNMC is when you come here. They have one separate time for the girls. Also, swimming lesson for those who want to an Olympic class swimmer. So pack along your swimming gear people. See ya in the water! LOL

5. GYM!
-There's basically no reason for one USMKLE student to not stay fit. If you cannot do outdoors, then you (the girls) can join me in the gym. I hope I still have time for gym though. We can do HIIT routines and also dancing, Zumba, just name it. Don't over expect on the equipment, since we would just pay RS1800 for 6 months, so the equipment are quite lousy especially the treadmills. Oh well, India what do you expect? Dont worry boys, I know you guys wanna turn into Abang Sado, there is definitely a big gym for you guys too! Fret not!

6. No kitchen
-Sad news for the new comers. Your room might have a pantry without a sink for you to cook. I think because there have been an experience whereby the pantry being accidentally burnt so they are really worried on us cooking. Drawback is then onto you guys though. But fret now, you can still cook elsewhere where there are plugs located. We cook by using an induction cooker. 

7. Fees
Indian currency keep dropping and hiking. Like now, it's really hiking. So when you come in september, the currency will eventually drop again. By that time, fees would be hiking. And the fees for hostel alone cost USD 900. Meanwhile, the tuition fees per year, is 20000 USD. Those under MARA would probably be of less worry since MARA pay the tuition fees and provides USD 500 allowance per month. Those under self sponsorship would probably need to plan more wisely. 

That's all guys! Sorry if I am answering you guys in a quite monotonous responses. I just not keen anymore into dealing with questions like "Is USMKLE that good?...SERIOUSLY guys and gals, if you think USMKLE is unrecognized or not good, just don't come here with doubts in your head. USMKLE is still an IPTA which is located outside the country. Even Kementerian Pelajaran Tinggi nominated it to those Malaysian students studying in Egypt during the riot crisis for them to choose to continue their studies. The reason why we are still unrecognized is because we still haven't produce our first doctors. They are going to graduate around 2015, so yeah just wait. I hope this will answer you doubt. If not so much, then a little bit would do right?

Till then...assalamualaikum. Nak tidoooo....yaawnnn. Hahhaha!

Try find me if you're really that smart!


J said...

I don't think I ever told you this but you punya blog la yang dulu mencerahkan minda pasal USMKLE ni for me hahaha


Anonymous said...

Salam. Kak, can i have your email address? I have so much to ask you abt usmkle ni. Thank you :)

hidayah zulkharnain. said...

kak, JPA ada bagi biasiswa tak untuk USM-KLE ni ?

dayanaazhar:) said...

@aida nazera: email me at

@hidayah: setahu akak ada. tapi tak pasti biasiswa atau pinjaman. tapi yg tu kawan akak transfer from egypt la:) baik awak call pihak jpa and ask them more.

Fatin Hazdzirah said...

Dayanaaaa it supposed to be Psychologist/ Behavioural Sc lecturer :p

Rohziah Jenal said...

boleh share mara punya essay tu tak? urgent.. sgt.. :)

Ikin said...

salam kak. im currently doing foundation for this program. kiranya kitorang Pra-U USM students la. I hv an interview with usm people on this 23rd feb. basically its an intv to see whether we r destined to be a doctor or not. so... any advice?