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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Reality USMKLE V

1) Scholarship? Loan?

- Most students have been living comfortably under the MARA loan...we have to pay back 20% of it. If you are going without any support except for your family, you can score well during any of the major exam, and apply for MARA with that particular result. But of course not only passing, but to score. 
- Only a friend had JPA since she is a transfer from Egypt. Some are under Yayasan Pahang, and many other foundation....some are under bank scholarship.

2) Essay MARA
- Sadly but surely, I cannot lend you my copy since it has been years back and I have changed my laptop so can't sorry...(I wish there was a back up in google drive though)

3) Tips on answering interview
- Always and always be ready. Study something about USM. Especially the Apex part...since it is the utmost important topic usually being discussed during interview. Be yourself, and be confident. Don't stutter too a lot and wear decent clothes. Always be realistic when they are asking for your goals and know in detail on how a physician work and team work in the field of medicine. 

4) Apps to download which come in handy
- XE: for currency checking
- Ola Cab: For convenient transportation
- Whatsapp : Trust me this helps a lot!

have a blast studying!

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