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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Reality USMKLE Part IV.

Salam Ramadan to all....yes, back to blogging since I have pretty so much of ample time. Alhamdulillah, I am now back home and completed my forth year USM MD handsomely. It was a challenging journey through out but with so many helpful hands from friends and lecturers, we finally made it. 

Those who failed certain postings, must do remedial in which they have to stay in India. Some must do it in USMKK, while us who made it through must do 4 weeks clinical elective in government hospitals. Well, not much to do in this holiday, except for attending friends' weddings and a short gateaway ehehhehe which I have been saving up for. 

Many of the adik-adik who had been so curious regarding the medical course in USMKLE, well right here, right now, I will spill the beans for all of you. I will compile the questions many of you had been inquiring and answer them right here. 

First and foremost, there is a new sort of rule going on for upcoming batch to USMKLE. I have heard that USMKLE would not receive any more students from various matriculation college or foundation programmes. Instead, they built this one particular "PRE-USMKLE" foundation in Kolej Mara Kulim if I am not mistaken. So, if you are from anywhere besides Kolej Mara Kulim, I advice you to not fret and just move on, find another alternative. Probably you won't be accepted in USMKLE despite those forms and pledging (rayuan). Life is just too short to move on! 

About sports facilities, the main attraction I supposed for budding students; I would say they have improved except for the badminton hall. You can go play basketball, as we also have a multipurpose court at the ladies wings of the hostel, where you and your team can play there after writing a letter to the high committees of the sport of USMKLE and basically you can use the court on the decided time, Since, it is also a futsal court which mostly will be used by the boys every afternoon, so for girls....just be patient and opt other sports. You can also join me doing pilates and dance at the balcony 2nd floor. Or the gym perhaps. 

Other than that, we have swimming center, RS50 per entrance for non member, and RS2000 for attending a month swimming class. There's a unisex gymnasium just at the swimming centre, yearly fees cost you RS11000. We also have a big stadium for those runners who want to run on track. Some do play volleyball, table tennis, tennis and sorry there's no squash arena. Sorry those for those who asked. NO squash....sadly but yes. 

Oh yes. As the new syllabus, you guys attending first year...would have your first professional exam during your 2nd year. During third year, you will directly attending clinical years. KLE Yellur Hospital, which is a bit far will be the place for all of you to be trained into physicians and you have to take a bus to reach that place. The restaurant there is a bit lousy, but they are making it just see how it goes. 

As for lunch and dinner, breakfast as well I supposed, we have a canteen where we called MESS. They cook lovely nasi lemak every Friday, lovely briyani every saturday...and close on Sundays. Recently, we also have Pak Cik Basheer, who can speak fluent Malay and sell nasi lemak ayam goreng, ayam masak merah and rojak at low prices. Nearby, we have KFC, Subway and McD for those who wouldn't have to worry on getting fat. Did I tell you we also have a bakery just downside at the basement of the hostel? Yes darling...we do have. Also, a saloon for girls which have manicure, pedicure, spa treatments as well. And those who hate ironing or doing their own laundry, fret not kids! USMKLE also offered you with a dobby facility. 

To go elsewhere, to dine or to just chill and buy groceries, you can call auto drivers, Uncle Afzal or Uncle Mushtaq...I mostly opt for uncle Afzal since he will give you a much cheaper rate. As technology is getting very handy, you can download an app called "Ola Cab" and you can have a semi small car or even a sedan to pick you up and send you to the places you wanna go. Ola cab has been really useful and affordable to those who wanna go somewhere in a group of more than 4 where it will be inconvenient to take an auto rickshaw. 

Many have changes since we first came. Berkat students Malaysia la kot Belagavi bertambah maju berbanding dahulu. Whatever it is, going to such a small city, don't put so much hope and expect much. We are certainly been chosen to not just live, but to survive. Hope all my juniors will enjoy Belagavi and make Malaysia proud. That is all....please tell me so if you have any more things you wish to know....:)

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