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Saturday, 23 February 2008

again NO FUN

its been quite a long time since I last posted a story here. Well, today Saturday, I did nothing accept writing notes on Biology, calling some friends via the phone and of coz being online to post some mod math questions to my forum malakat 92.

Mom isnt here, as she is now is Fraser hill, participating in an activity, some sort of climbing mountain activity. Poor her. Hope she will be here soon. I miss her and her cooking. Today, I had a terrible lunch, bought by my dad. Man the rice was damn spicy and too salty. Where did the cook learnt to cook tht? Seriously, I cant eat the rice so I throwed them away.

At school, teachers gave us KIDS lots of questions and exercises. Especially my english teachers who gave a lot of essays to do. Not only tht, we are supposed to make a pie chart or whatsoever for oral test. My team on the other hard are too passive. I gave them work and they did it, if I didnt do anything they will just dont care abt those sort of problems.

My love life almost came to an end this week. I was heartbroken for the past 3 days, but no one sees it, well, I acted like I am okay but frankly I am way way upset. MaybeI just have to concern abt my studies, I have been a wrong girl. Between MR X and I I cant say to the exact what is our relationship all about, friends, or couples or bff? Ah I dont know. But the truth I still love him and I dont know bout him. My friend told me to find for another one. Whatever!

Besides, I m trying to memorize my poem. I lost it now. This year I am so not active in english activities though, coz they re so many works to do. Maybe next year. Still waiting for MRSM.

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