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Sunday, 17 February 2008

A nice script...

Yesterday I found one script that really caught my attention. It begins like this:-

a man, name A an Indian promised a Pakistani, that he is willing to sacrifice for her. Once the pakistani girl returned to her country, to get married, she realized one thing. She is about to married a man whom she doesnt know at all, it was an arrange marriage, based on politic and family bond.

the day before she was about to tunang, she asked her mom

pakistani girl: mom, will u sacrifice ur life for dad?
mom : yes, honey, I will do anything for ur dad.
mom again: Because, once a woman is married, she is no longer bonded wth her own family, she is her husband's right. and she has to sacrifice her life for him.

pakistani girl: will dad sacrifice himself for you?
mom : what are u talking ??! stop this nonsense....
pakistani girl: why? why cant u anwer me?
mom : daughter, u have to understand. a man's love is internal. it can change, and they re not as tough as a woman's love. They wll never sacrifice for us women. But u have to be grateful tht u get Z as ur future husband, coz, he has everything, name, wealth and I am sure he will take good care of you.

pakistani girl: I know a man who can sacrifice himself for me!

(her mom is getting afraid)

mom : hey! stop this nonsense. WHO is he?Where are u? Still in India ?? U have to marry Z. It is a command

pakistani girl: but z wont never sacrifice himself for me. He is always busy with politics. I knew a man who can. And he loves me....

the end...


jAmbU_jAm said...

hOhO..lEH thn blOG ni
kLAka pOWn ADA gK

jAmbU_jAm said...

lEH tHn gk blog ni eyH...