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Saturday, 16 February 2008

They are using my brain?

Everything put me on my nerve this week. Now, an ex classmate of mine, was actually using my brain to do all her homeworks. Well she came to my house this evening, and asked me to teach her the chapter 3 of math mod form 4. I was not ready for chapter 3, although its the easiest chapter of all. This is mainly because, I have been missing math classes for two days, and that explained clearly enough isnt it?
Besides, I also had some troubles with my mom at CzipLee this afternoon. I forgot to bring some benjamins and when I have to pay for the books , I found out that I left my purse at home. My mom on the other hand, who was supposed to wait for me, was no longer there when I need to ask for some cash. I searched for her everywhere in the bookstore, but failed. Then, she blamed me for not waiting for her and for being late? What the heck? Misunderstanding detected.
Moreover, there is this friend, smsed me in a sudden asking me to lend her my add math's exercises. Not that I dont want to let her borrow, but the prob is I have some probs that are unsolve. See!! They re using my "power" for their goodness sake. Tomorrow, she will be coming here, and take my book, well, maybe she will copies my answers, whatever! I just dont even care!
Ok, and I received an offline message from Chiam. She read me blog recently abt her not respecting me as a friend. Well, she said she does respect me always! And bla-bla-bla. Watever! Well, perhaps I am blind or been thinking nonsensely abt it. I dont know, I have some emotional crisis. Hate it like hell.

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