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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Whats wrong with the teachers?

I am so redly mad, because of my teachers. They actually, dont let me play for any tournament this year, oh god, this cant be happening, whats wrong with the way I play, I can hit back smash and also the in front smash, but why they didnt let me butt in.

Just because I lost to Huda and Aliya last week, doesnt mean that I can play. Helllo!!! old women!! I can play! I feel like yelling these words to them right now. Besides, they want chiam to part with Muneshwari from form 5 for the school's tournament, how about me then,? They dont even care about me. How could they?

I am so dissapointed, since I am the one who is in charge of let chiam play for the school and now, I am the one who is isolated from the game? This is injustice. I really can play, just that on the time Chiam and I lost, we were so tired. They cant judge the book by its cover right? I am dying here! At SKJC Sg Chua recently, where I was the line judge, I felt like I am the blacksheep, coz everyone is playing and I am not, I just can play for "fun". And Chiam no longer respect me for who I am. Chiam doesnt respect me for my effort in bringing her to the club and let her in the game. I feel like cheated?? wel yeah I am.

I felt dumb as well as a total jerk. They see me like a COW DUNG. Its always turned out to be injustice around me, when I am doing good things for the sake of my friends, bad things will be on my side. What the heck? This is some sort of an inverted karma or whatsoever. My life has ruin so badly. When I wanna represent school, I lost and when I did good things for the good sake of my friends, bad things occured to me. I am sick of all these shits. Plus, now the teacher asked me to find some members for the debate competition, no one wanna join me. There are no more sporting friends whom I can rely on. Sorry if I hurt anybody here. This is a true stroy, and I wanna express it.

bad things, always bad things, and they often on my side. T_T

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Fit said...

jgn pikir sgt lah
cool ok :)